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‘This $3 cut takes a toll’: UPS slashes pay for part-time workers as profits grow

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Thousands of part-time workers at the United Parcel Service (UPS) around the US were recently informed that their hourly wages would be cut, eliminating raises implemented in 2021 at some hubs as a means to attract an...

Tiger Woods feared losing leg but aims for part-time return to PGA Tour

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Tiger Woods has admitted he will probably never make a full-time return to professional golf and feared his leg would be amputated following a car crash earlier this year. The 15-time major champion suffered serious l...

‘Part-time adventurers’: amateur fossil hunters get record haul in Cotswolds

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When Sally and Neville Hollingworth started going stir crazy in lockdown, rather than baking bread or doing quizzes on Zoom, the amateur palaeontologists turned to Google Earth. The couple passed the time planning for...