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Wetherspoon’s struggles to find staff in some parts of England

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JD Wetherspoon said it was struggling to find staff in some parts of England as the pub chain counts the cost of the coronavirus pandemic, reporting a record loss of almost £200m. The founder and chairman, Tim Martin,...

Clima del Reino Unido: flood warnings as heavy rain hits parts of England

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Warnings have been issued for potential flooding in central and eastern parts of England amid downpours that caused transport disruption in London. As vehicles struggled through flood water on Tower Bridge in the capi...

Clima del Reino Unido: parts of England could hit 30C before arrival of thunderstorms

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Temperatures are to reach up to 30C in parts of the UK on Tuesday, with an official heatwave likely to be recorded in England before thunderstorms arrive in the south-west. Conditions were forecast to be in the mid-to...