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Estrella hobson: víctima de una madre "inmadura" y su pareja violenta

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Fue solo unos meses después del nacimiento de Star Hobson el 21 Mayo 2019 que su madre, Frankie Smith, parecía perder interés en su hija. Ella se tomó unas vacaciones en septiembre y consiguió que un amigo cuidara de Star tan pronto ...

Sir Richard Sutton matando: su pareja cuenta el ataque de "ojos salvajes" de su hijo

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La pareja de un multimillonario que quedó paralizado cuando su hijo la apuñaló repetidamente ha descrito el momento en que ella se volvió desde el fregadero de la cocina y lo encontró blandiendo un cuchillo frente a ella como si estuvieran dentro ....

My first intimate partner publicly shamed me. Now sex makes me freeze

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I am a man in my 30s and have recently admitted to myself that I cannot form an intimate sexual relationship. I am not, and never have been, interested in sex for its own sake; I want trust and intimacy even more than...

Mujer absuelta de obstruir a la policía del Met después de que su compañero disparara con una pistola paralizante

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El caso contra una mujer negra acusada de obstruir a la policía cuando los agentes dispararon a su pareja con una pistola paralizante en la casa de la familia se derrumbó.. sin embargo, Claire Stephen dijo que todavía estaba demasiado traumatizada por el incidente..

Australian PM to attend Cop26 in Glasgow but emissions deal with Coalition partner still weeks off

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El primer ministro australiano, Scott Morrison, has confirmed he will attend the Cop26 conference in Glasgow in two weeks but has signalled it might take a fortnight, rather than days, to land an agreement with junior ...

My partner ghosted me after I miscarried our child. What did I do wrong?

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I had a lockdown romance with someone I met through online dating. He was the first man I’d dated after coming out of an abusive relationship, and it was refreshing. He was open and relaxed, and made me feel really go...

French book prize under fire after judge’s partner makes shortlist

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The jury for France’s top literary prize, the Goncourt, has been engulfed in a row over ethical breaches after the shortlist included a book by the boyfriend of one of the judges. The same judge wrote a scathing revie...

Russell’s move to partner Hamilton at Mercedes set to be confirmed

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George Russell’s move to partner Lewis Hamilton next season is expected to be formally confirmed by Mercedes on Tuesday after Valtteri Bottas announced he is to join Alfa Romeo. The Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolf...

‘The soundtrack to my life was burping and farting’: how disgusting is your partner?

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“Over lockdown, the soundtrack to my life was email notifications pinging – and people burping and farting,” says Emma, describing the unwavering “bodily expulsions” from her husband and their three children as a cons...

My partner delights in being a dad, but is awful to me. What can I do?

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My partner and I have been together for five years; we have a son. My partner wasn’t supportive during my pregnancy and showed no interest in antenatal appointments or scans. sin embargo, as our son has got older, my part...

My partner cheated on me – then told me about the fantastic lover she’d found

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I have been with my partner for three years, and a month ago she cheated on me. We discussed the matter and from that I discovered that this guy she cheated with is well endowed, lasted longer than me and has a huge s...

Ex-rowing partner hails ‘next level’ impact of Glover’s Olympic return

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Among those willing on Helen Glover and Polly Swann as they finished fourth in the Olympic women’s pairs rowing, few were more tense than Heather Stanning, Glover’s former gold medal-winning partner. “It was absolutel...

My new sexual partner is too big for me – what can I do?

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I am a 66-year-old woman 11 years out of a 30-year marriage. My husband left to live with the woman he had been having an affair with, but the marriage hadn’t been right for some years and our sexual activity had dimi...

Can my partner and I buy two properties using lifetime Isas?

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Q My partner and I are first-time buyers and we each have a lifetime Isa (Lisa). We are considering putting our savings together to buy a house in my partner’s name with the intention of eventually keeping it as a ren...

Experience: I was pregnant at the same time as my partner

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I met my partner, Kathleen, when we were both aid workers in Zimbabwe, cuando yo era 28. I liked her politics and her blue eyes. Four years later, en 1993, my family lost a generation when my beloved niece, Lucy, was kil...

Usain Bolt and partner welcome newborn twins Thunder and Saint Leo

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The Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has become a father to twin boys, Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt. Bolt, 34, and his partner, Kasi Bennett, announced the news in a Father’s Day Instagram post, with a lightning bolt em...

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