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St Helens win Women’s Challenge Cup after Eboni Partington sinks Leeds

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St Helens successfully defended the Women’s Challenge Cup as two tries from Eboni Partington helped them edge Leeds Rhinos in a thrilling final at Elland Road. The two standout sides in the Women’s Super League delive...

Starmer knows he must offer hope to hard-hit ‘red wall’ towns

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It is a cold night on a Stoke-on-Trent industrial estate and Keir Starmer is in town again. It’s at least his seventh trip here in search of redemption after Labour’s historic defeat in 2019, in a sign of how importan...

El verdadero mensaje del presupuesto de Rishi Sunak sentará las bases para las próximas elecciones.

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Costos de vida altísimos, escasez en los estantes de los supermercados y una emergencia de salud que se suponía que iba a estar por todas partes excepto los gritos. Rara vez en tiempos de paz un canciller británico se ha enfrentado a un contexto económico más peligroso para ....

Autumn budget must show financial firepower behind ‘levelling up’

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Britain’s economic recovery from lockdown is stalling and inflation is on the rise. With the approach of autumn, prophecies made earlier this year for a surge in consumer spending appear to have fallen flat, washed ou...

UK economy is in a strange place, considering we’re supposed to be back to normal

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First there were empty supermarket shelves and “pingdemic” staff shortages, now Nandos is out of chicken and the car industry short of chips. It’s an unusual state of affairs for a country where normality was supposed...

Ending furlough too soon will wreck post-Covid chances for many firms

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The complaints from employers are getting louder. Far from the headlines a year ago warning of a rerun of 1980s-style unemployment, businesses are worried there aren’t enough workers to go around. And yet Britain’s ec...

G7 deal is as much about balance of power as global tax reform

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A historic agreement has been reached. Por décadas, multinational corporations have abused gaps in an international tax system that has barely changed since agreements made at the League of Nations in the 1920s. Después...

Labour needs new message as Tories reshape economic policy around towns

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Let the recriminations commence. In the aftermath of electoral defeat in its former industrial heartlands, Labour is in search of yet another new direction. While much of the focus is on the fundamental shifts in our ...

Warm on words but cold on substance – the UK recovery plan is a mess

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Spring is here, lockdown restrictions are easing and the evenings are getting longer. As we take each small step towards the new normal, we are reminded of just how far Britain has come since Covid-19 struck, and just...