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PMQ's regstreeks: Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer as No 10 awaits Sue Gray report on Downing Street parties

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PM braced for report into potentially rule-breaking events that could trigger a Tory leadership election

Covid nuus regstreeks: Johnson om LP's in die gesig te staar terwyl verslag oor toesluitpartye opdoem; Nederland om kroeë en kafees te heropen

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Tory-LP's sê Boris Johnson se lot "hang in die weegskaal" as verslag wat vrygestel gaan word; Nederlandse regering sal beperkings verlig ondanks rekord infeksies

Geen 10 parties: police will uncover evidence not in Gray report, say ex-staffers

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The police investigation into Downing Street parties is set to uncover evidence which has not yet been submitted to the Sue Gray inquiry, according to former No 10 staffers. The prime minister’s ex-chief adviser, Domi...

Met police investigating Downing Street parties, Cressida Dick says

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The Metropolitan police are investigating allegations surrounding parties at Downing Street and in Whitehall after receiving evidence from Sue Gray’s inquiry – a move which will delay the report’s publication. Boris J...

Downing Street parties: Boris Johnson doesn’t believe he broke the law, sê nee 10 – live updates

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Nuutste opdaterings: Minister also defending PM during urgent question in the Commons

PM facing calls to ensure all evidence is published in No 10 parties inquiry

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Boris Johnson is facing calls to ensure all evidence on the Downing Street parties is published with the Sue Gray inquiry, as it emerged the pivotal report is likely to amount to a concise summary of findings. Arbeid ...

People in England: will you be holding parties you’ve had to cancel at Christmas?

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As the prime minister has pledged to abolish almost every existing Covid restriction over the coming weeks in England and “get life completely back to normal”, we’re interested to hear whether people are planning to h...

‘I put my arms around her’: doctor’s story captures anger at No 10 parties

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When Dr Prit Buttar, a retired GP, decided to break social distancing rules and offer his embrace to a bereaved woman, it was a gesture of core humanity. “Everybody on the team would have done exactly the same, Covid ...

What were you doing while No 10 held parties? – cartoon

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Under Boris Johnson, it’s one rule for them and another rule for us

Covid regstreekse nuus: pressure grows on Boris Johnson over lockdown parties; Djokovic to spend night in detention

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British PM faces fresh allegations that staff held regular drinking sessions when social mixing was prohibited, as Serbian tennis star fights deportation from Australia

Geen 10 parties inquiry should have more independence, say former civil servants

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An inquiry into Downing Street parties that could determine the fate of Boris Johnson’s premiership should be given greater independence from No 10, former civil servants and a union leader have warned. It comes amid ...

Furious Tories pile pressure on Boris Johnson over No 10 parties

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Boris Johnson is facing intense pressure from senior Conservatives to publicly confess he attended a rule-breaking garden party in Downing Street, with the Scottish Tory leader suggesting the prime minister should res...

New head of No 10 parties investigation ‘unlikely to start from scratch’

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The new head of an investigation into alleged rule-breaking Downing Street parties has not “started from scratch” and is unlikely to re-interview all government staff who have already been spoken to about their knowle...

Balmy new year weather ideal for outdoor parties, say UK meteorologists

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Revellers will be celebrating on the beaches, in the hills, on rooftops, pub terraces and in back gardens as temperatures on New Year’s Eve soar towards record-breaking levels. Tens of thousands of people who will not...

US cities scale back New Year’s Eve events and urge people to scrap parties

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Americans are again facing a stay-at-home New Year’s Eve as US political leaders and senior health advisers have urged people to scrap party plans and avoid larger public events as daily cases of Covid-19 break all pr...

Standards committee chair calls for independent inquiry into Whitehall parties

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Chris Bryant, the chair of the committee on standards, has called for an independent investigation into the alleged Christmas parties held across Whitehall and insisted ultimately it should be led by the police. Die c ...

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