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Left-leaning coalition predicted to win Norwegian parliamentary vote

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Norway’s left-leaning opposition has ousted the country’s Conservative-led government in parliamentary elections, exit polls have predicted, but the exact shape of the “Red-Green” coalition set to run the Nordic count...

MPs who sit on parliamentary groups face scrutiny over lobbying

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MPs serving on informal parliamentary groups while working in second jobs are facing scrutiny from a powerful parliamentary committee over concerns that they could exploit a lobbying loophole. An inquiry by the Common...

Se necesita un organismo independiente para tratar las acusaciones del personal parlamentario de Canberra, revisar hallazgos

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El personal parlamentario en Canberra necesita un nuevo mecanismo de quejas independiente para hacer frente a los incidentes de presunta agresión y acoso sexual junto con el acoso grave., una reseña ha encontrado. El informe Foster, liberado ...

Far right placed to make gains in Cyprus parliamentary vote

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A far-right party with links to Greece’s defunct neo-Nazi Golden Dawn appears likely to double its support as widespread disaffection over corruption scandals dominate elections for a new parliament in Cyprus on Sunda...

Brazil begins parliamentary inquiry into Bolsonaro’s Covid response

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Brazil’s congress has launched a parliamentary inquiry into what critics call Jair Bolsonaro’s disastrous and potentially criminal response to a Covid pandemic that has killed nearly 400,000 Brasileños. The politicall...