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Cuban parliament approves penal code which activists warn curbs dissent

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Cuba’s parliament has approved a new penal code officials say modernizes the country’s laws but human rights groups warn tightens already strict limits on dissent. The law approved late on Sunday controls unauthorized...

‘Ukraine will be free,’ Boris Johnson tells country’s parliament

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Boris Johnson has told the Ukrainian parliament that there should never be a peace settlement imposed against the will of the Ukrainian people, calling the fight to hold back Russian forces “Ukraine’s finest hour”. Sp...

Boris Johnson to hail Ukraine’s ‘finest hour’ in address to Kyiv parliament

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Boris Johnson will hail Ukraine’s resistance against tyranny as an exemplar for the world as he delivers a virtual address to the country’s parliament on Tuesday. Recalling Britain’s resolve during the second world wa...

Speaker calls for overhaul of UK parliament after series of scandals

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A radical overhaul of the working practices in Westminster is being demanded by the House of Commons Speaker, in the wake of a series of scandals over sexual harassment and bullying that have rocked parliament. Después ...

Marine Le Pen’s party has high hopes for French parliament elections

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Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party has turned its attention to June’s parliamentary elections after its defeat in the presidential contest, vowing to field candidates in every constituency and claiming the...

puerta de fiesta: MPs to vote on whether Boris Johnson should be investigated for misleading parliament

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MPs will vote on Thursday on whether to refer Boris Johnson for a formal parliamentary investigation into whether or not he misled them about his knowledge of Covid law-breaking parties. Lindsay Hoyle, the House of Co...

Lord Plumb, former European parliament president, muere envejecido 97

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Henry Plumb, the only British president of the European parliament, ha muerto envejecido 97. The former Tory politician was president of the National Farmers’ Union from 1970 a 1979 and was elected an MEP for the Cotswolds ...

Pakistan parliament ousts Imran Khan in last-minute vote

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Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has lost a no-confidence vote in parliament after a dramatic week in which he violated the constitution in an attempt to stop the move going ahead. Kan, the former premier crick...

Cannabis sprouts in New Zealand parliament garden in protesters’ parting pot-shot

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After a weeks-long illegal occupation that ended in a riot, New Zealand’s parliament has a new unwelcome visitor to contend with: cannabis seedlings popping up among its rose gardens. An eagle-eyed Wellingtonian spott...

Tunisian crisis escalates as president dissolves parliament

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Presidente de Túnez, Kais Saied, has issued a decree dissolving parliament, which has been suspended since last year, after it defied him by voting to repeal decrees he had used to assume near total power. Speaking af...

Guerra Rusia-Ucrania: Bus convoy heads to Mariupol to evacuate civilians; Zelenskiy addresses Australian parliament – live

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Deputy PM says buses have departed for humanitarian corridor out of besieged port city; Zelenskiy warns of Russia’s ‘nuclear blackmail’

Actualizaciones en vivo de noticias de Australia: more rain to hit flood-ravaged NSW, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskiy to address parliament

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SES has 20 evacuation orders still in place for northern NSW as weather system tracks south. Sigue todas las novedades del día

Push to protect sexual assault victims’ communications with doctors enters parliament

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Victorian alleged sexual assault victims will have the right to defend their confidential communications being aired in court under new amendments to be introduced to state parliament by Justice Party MP Stuart Grimle...

‘It’s not a publicity stunt’: the push to elect female MPs to PNG’s men-only parliament

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Rain pelts down as the monthly city markets opens its doors in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Market sellers worry about the weather chasing potential shoppers away but organiser, Sylvia Pascoe is unfa...

Ministers failed to allow parliament opportunity to scrutinise UK Covid laws

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Ministers failed to allow parliament enough opportunity to scrutinise the sweeping laws passed to tackle the Covid pandemic, according to a cross-party committee of MPs. The 329-page Coronavirus Act of 2020 included a...

Zelenskiy invokes fall of Berlin Wall in appeal to German parliament

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Presidente de Ucrania dice que ha llegado el momento de conversaciones "significativas". Hablando con el parlamento alemán a través de un video, Hablando con el parlamento alemán a través de un video.

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