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European parliament calls for tougher rules on offshore wealth

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Members of the European parliament have voted for tighter rules on the super-rich who move their wealth offshore, in a resounding vote that reflects widespread anger and exasperation in the wake of the Pandora papers ...

European parliament approves tougher rules on offshore wealth

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Members of the European parliament have voted for tighter rules on the super-rich who move their wealth offshore, in a resounding vote that reflects widespread anger and exasperation in the wake of the Pandora papers ...

Chinese ambassador to UK barred from British parliament

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The new Chinese ambassador to the UK has been barred from parliament by the Speakers in the Commons and Lords after the imposition of sanctions on British MPs by Beijing. The new ambassador, Zheng Zeguang, was due to ...

Scottish parliament approves plans for vaccine passports

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The Scottish parliament has approved plans for vaccine passports, which will come into force from 1 October for those seeking entry to nightclubs and large-scale events, despite fierce criticism from opposition partie...

Mass brawl breaks out in Armenian parliament – video

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Armenia's parliament descended into a mass brawl as the country remains split following last year's defeat in the war with Azerbaijan for control of Nagorno-Karabakh. Security officers could be seen pouring onto the f...

John Howard likely to give evidence at Bernard Collaery trial, Rex Patrick tells parliament

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Australia’s 2004 spy mission targeting Timor-Leste during oil and gas negotiations was “neither legal nor initiated properly” and former prime minister John Howard is likely to be called to give evidence at the trial ...

Australia politics live: Labor calls for cash for Covid jabs as parliament returns; Westmead hospital worker tests positive

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Anthony Albanese wants the Morrison government to provide a one-off $300 payment to every person who has been fully vaccinated by 1 Desember. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Parliament should be recalled over Covid vaccine passports, says Tory MP

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The senior Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has said parliament should be recalled from its summer recess if the government is “serious” about plans to introduce domestic vaccine passports for entry into large-scale eve...

Openbaar gemaak: Queen vetted 67 laws before Scottish parliament could pass them

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The Scottish government has given the Queen advanced access to at least 67 parliamentary bills deemed to affect her public powers, private property or personal interests under an arcane custom inherited from Westminst...

Decision to adopt independent complaints process will create safer parliament, Brittany Higgins says

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Former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins has welcomed the Morrison government’s decision to adopt an independent complaints mechanism for serious incidents in Parliament House, which is the central recommendation of th...

EU parliament condemns Hungary’s anti-LGBT law

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The European parliament has denounced a Hungarian law that bans gay people from appearing in educational materials or on primetime TV as “a clear breach” of its principles of equality. In a resolution voted in Strasbo...

French parliament votes to extend IVF rights to lesbians and single women

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French gay rights campaigners are celebrating a milestone for equal rights after parliament finalised adoption of a bill giving lesbian couples and single women access to fertility treatment for the first time. Under ...

Australiese politiek leef: NSW health minister self-isolating and state parliament delayed after ‘likely positive’ Covid case – live

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NSW Health told Brad Hazzard he was a ‘possible close contact’ of a potential case who works for state parliament. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

‘Scapegoating’: protesters to gather at Australian parliament before Witness K sentencing

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Protesters supporting Witness K will gather at federal parliament to decry his treatment as he faces sentencing and “a very real prospect” of being jailed for speaking out about Australia’s misconduct abroad. Witness ...

EU parliament ‘freezes’ China trade deal over sanctions

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The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly to “freeze” any consideration of a massive investment deal with China, following recent tit-for-tat sanctions over Beijing’s treatment of its Uyghur population in Xinji...

Adam Brooks resigns from Tasmanian parliament as he faces charges over fake licences and firem

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Tasmanian Liberal MP Adam Brooks has resigned one day after being elected to state parliament, after he was charged by Queensland police with offences related to firearms, explosives and identity documents. Brooks – w...

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