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Solicitors chase 91-year-old over a stranger’s parking fine

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My next-door-neighbour is 91 and has lived on his own for the past few years since his wife passed away. Over the summer he started receiving letters about a parking fine, sent to another man’s name but at his address...

My father wants to give me his parking space. Would I owe capital gains tax?

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Q My father is thinking of giving me the parking space he owns near his home but wants to know if capital gains tax has to be paid. Although it was bought in the same year as his home – and from the same developer – i...

Covid outbreak has reached my hospital in Papua New Guinea. People could soon be dying in the parking lot

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At Port Moresby General Hospital, oor 20% of women presenting in labour have symptoms of Covid-19. Of these, about one-third (four to five women a day) test positive. We get the test results back about two to three ...