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Scott Parker leaves Fulham with Bournemouth announcement expected

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Scott Parker is expected to take over at Bournemouth after leaving Fulham by mutual consent. The former midfielder took caretaker charge of the club in February 2019, and was unable to keep the west London side out o...

Derek Chisora calls split decision ‘unbelievable’ after Joseph Parker wins

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After an unpredictable week of good humour and erratic behaviour, of eating breakfast together and then squabbling over who would walk first to the ring, Joseph Parker beat the old warhorse Derek Chisora on a split de...

André-Frank Zambo Anguissa: ‘If Scott Parker tells you it’s possible, you believe it’s possible

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Unusually among footballers, André-Frank Zambo Anguissa enters our Zoom meeting on time. It might be in keeping with his demeanour – polite, friendly and engaged – but it is somewhat out of kilter with his career arc....

Bournemouth’s Scott Parker: ‘We need to be humble and understand where we are’

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"L'altro 23 teams in this league,” says Scott Parker, breaking into laughter, when asked what the biggest challenge is facing him at Bournemouth. “I believe in what I’ve got, I believe in my staff, in my players but...

Parker returns home to help Chicago Sky to their first WNBA title

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Candace Parker returned home to bring Chicago a championship. She did just that leading the Sky to the franchise’s first title. Allie Quigley scored 26 points and Parker added 16 points, 13 rebounds and five assists a...