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‘It began with cider’: how a group of young parents transformed a Somerset harbour

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Walk along Watchet’s harbour front and you’d be forgiven for thinking a jumble of colourful containers had been blown in off the sea by a particularly severe storm. But this bizarre, piratical encampment featuring a c...

English council urges parents not to allow children to watch Squid Game

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A council in the south of England has advised parents not to let their children watch the Netflix show Squid Game, after reports children as young as six are copying its violent challenges. The education safeguarding ...

Covid vaccines for US children are coming but challenge will be persuading parents

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Covid vaccines for children aged five to 11 are inching closer to authorization in the US, with possible availability as soon as early November, and experts are already looking to the next hurdle: actually getting the...

These adults moved back in with their parents during the pandemic. But did they regret it?

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When David and Linda Ellis sent their daughter Juliette, the youngest of their three children, off to college in 2019, they figured they had become empty-nesters for good. In short order, the couple downsized from the...

‘It was war’: school-run parents tackle petrol crisis traffic chaos

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Bounds Green primary school sits on a road so busy it has a bridge for a pedestrian crossing. Even on a good day the air is acrid, suffused by mephitic fumes belched continuously by traffic on the A109, which bisects ...

‘Terrible emptiness’: parents struggle with children leaving home

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After an intense lockdown, with six adults sharing one small house, Tascha Oldland experienced a “terrible emptiness” when her two eldest children left home to study in September. “The beginning of lockdown was awful:...

California school board officials plead for protection from protesting parents

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The California school boards association has pleaded with the governor to protect education officials facing an “unprecedented increase in hostility”, as board meetings across the state have been rocked by aggressive ...

Dicci: are you over 50 and had to move in with your parents?

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Are you over 50 and have recently had to move back into your parents’ home – or might you have to move back in the near future? We would like to know the reasons behind your move back home and how you feel about it. W...

Covid live news: India reports lowest deaths since mid-March; England parents warned over hoax vaccine letter

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Rapporti sull'India 179 Covid deaths for Tuesday; hoax letter in England aimed at spreading misinformation as 12- to 15-year-olds can now get jab

High cost of childcare in UK makes low-income parents resort to food banks

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Low-income parents and those on universal credit are resorting to using food banks as a result of the high costs of childcare, according to a landmark UK survey shared with the Guardian. As MPs debated the cost and av...

Emma Raducanu puts success down to ‘very hard-to-please parents’

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Britain’s newest sporting star, Emma Raducanu, has put her stunning success at the US Open down to her “very hard-to-please parents”, who she said had given her the mental strength to succeed. Such is the 18-year-old’...

UK failing on childcare, finds survey of over 20,000 working parents

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Tens of thousands of working parents say the government is failing them with inadequate childcare policies that leave them financially crippled, stymied in their careers and desperate for radical change, secondo ...

‘Somehow we’re still here’: one parent’s shocking story of survival

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We were running late that day. Three months into parenthood and time seemed to be perpetually against us – a constant battle against the clock to get the baby fed, changed and out the door. It was the first Saturday a...

Let parents decide on Covid jab for 12- ai 15enni, say vaccine advisers

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Parents should choose whether they allow their children to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if ministers overrule scientific advice against mass vaccination of healthy 12- ai 15enni, the government’s independent v...

In the shadow of Port Pirie’s lead smelter, parents fight a losing battle against contamination

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Parents in Port Pirie are warned to “make sure baby’s cot is placed away from the window”, that the air conditioner is clean and the windows and doors are properly sealed. They should avoid rainwater, constantly clea...

Madeline Miller on The Song of Achilles: ‘It helped people come out to their parents’

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Many seeds grew to make this book. My mother reading myths to me as a child. The teacher who taught me Greek. An independent LGBTQ+ bookstore near my house in Philadelphia called Giovanni’s Room, filled with luminous,...

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