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‘They feel hugely privileged’: Spirits high among ParalympicsGB athletes

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Ali Jawad posted a picture of himself on a table top this weekend. Mask on, power shake to hand, Jawad’s arms were raised in celebration. The British powerlifter, who was born without legs and also deals with the debi...

ParalympicsGB roundup: Daniel Pembroke sets record to win javelin gold

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Daniel Pembroke set a new Paralympic record to win gold in the F13 javelin final after a delayed start due to torrential rain in Tokyo while Dan Greaves became the first Paralympian to win an athletics medal for Brita...

Ten ParalympicsGB unsung heroes who can shine at the Tokyo Games

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Young won silver at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, where he was beaten by China’s Zhu Dening on a photo-finish, and the 21-year-old has improved since then – he successfully defended his Europea...

ParalympicsGB roundup: Reece Dunn powers to third gold of Games

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ParalympicsGB’s Reece Dunn grabbed his third gold of the Games with a world-record-breaking swim in the men’s SM14 200m individual medley in Tokyo. Dunn, with golds in the 200m freestyle and 4x100m freestyle relay alr...

ParalympicsGB stun US to win wheelchair rugby gold for first time

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If this felt like a big, impactful moment then it was surely appropriate. Wheelchair rugby, the sport of smashing and grabbing and sprinting and crashing, is an iconic Paralympic event. It’s a sport of danger and cunn...

Maisie Summers-Newton takes second gold as ParalympicsGB excel in the pool

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More British gold medals came with a tinge of poignancy in the pool on Saturday as one generation of Paralympic heroes gave way to another. Maisie Summers-Newton won her second gold of the Games in the SB6 100m breast...