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Chilean president Piñera impeached over Pandora papers revelations

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Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera has been impeached by the lower house of congress, setting up a trial in the nation’s senate over allegations he favored the sale of a family property while in office. The vote to im...

Anger over ‘grotesque abuse’ of £600,000 case to keep Mountbatten papers secret

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The Cabinet Office has been accused of a “grotesque abuse” of public funds in a freedom of information battle over the personal diaries of Lord and Lady Mountbatten in which costs are now expected to exceed £600,000. ...

Do the Facebook papers spell doom for Meta – or is it too big to fail?

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It’s been a rocky few weeks for the company formerly known as Facebook. First came the Facebook papers, a series of blockbuster reports in the Wall Street Journal based on a cache of internal documents leaked by Franc...

Jimmy Kimmel sui giornali di Facebook: 'Siamo sorpresi da questo??'

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Jimmy Kimmel ha reagito alla pubblicazione dei cosiddetti giornali di Facebook lunedì sera: una miniera di documenti, pubblicato da 17 Organizzazioni giornalistiche statunitensi, che dettagliano la conoscenza dell'azienda delle sue minacce alla democrazia...

Chile president Piñera faces impeachment after Pandora papers leak

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Opposition politicians have launched impeachment proceedings against Chile’s president, Sebastián Piñera, over possible irregularities in the sale of a mining company, after new details about the deal were revealed in...

Pandora papers: Samoa defends its offshore industry, points to ‘key levers’ in bigger countries

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The financial regulator of Samoa, a Pacific nation implicated in the Pandora papers as a tax haven for wealthy individuals, has defended the country’s involvement in the offshore industry and pointed the finger at “la...

US proposes crackdown on financial ‘enablers’ in wake of Pandora papers

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US lawmakers are proposing legislation that would force trust companies, lawyers and other financial middlemen to investigate foreign clients seeking to move money and assets into the American financial system. The b...

Boris Johnson laughs off the Pandora papers as the super-rich’s cash rolls in

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It was a classic TV doorstep. After doing the morning media round, Boris Johnson emerged from a booth and set off with his minders across the main hall of the Conservative party conference in Manchester. What was his ...

Wednesday briefing: Pandora Papers revelations continue

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Ciao, Warren Murray aiming to put you a step ahead. Ben Elliot, the Conservative party’s embattled co-chair, jointly owned a secret offshore film financing company that indirectly benefited from more than £120,000 o...

Pandora papers prove that the rich live by different rules

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The Guardian’s Pandora papers exposé is just the latest in a slew of scandals about dubious offshore tax practices (Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful, 3 ...

Labour writes to Tory chair over donations to 34 MPs by firms named in Pandora papers

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Labour has written to the Tory co-chair Oliver Dowden raising concerns about donations to 34 Tory MPs by the companies backed by a Russian-born oil tycoon linked to an alleged corruption scandal. Anneliese Dodds, il ...

Boris Johnson makes dig at Tony Blair ​while ducking questions over Pandora papers – video

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Boris Johnson has laughed off questions about Conservative donors being named in the Pandora papers. The prime minister said he would ‘have a look’ at the allegations – and then made a dig at Tony Blair

EU blacklist on tax havens branded ‘a joke’ after Pandora papers leak – live

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Follow the latest reaction and fallout from the biggest leak of offshore data

Rivelato: Pandora papers unmask owners of offshore-held UK property worth £4bn

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Heads of government, oligarchs, business tycoons, ruling families and a Middle Eastern monarch are among the anonymous owners of at least £4bn in UK property, the Pandora papers reveal. From the leaked files – the big...

Pandora Papers: senior Conservatives dodge questions about donors – video

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Senior Tories attending their party conference refused to comment on party donors being named in the Pandora Papers. Cabinet ministers including Michael Gove, Priti Patel and Jacob Rees-Mogg all refused to answer any ...

Tories facing calls to return cash from donors named in Pandora papers

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The Conservative party conference was on Monday engulfed in a growing scandal over Tory donors and their alleged links to corruption, with Boris Johnson facing calls to hand back cash and submit the party to an invest...

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