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Pandemic’s reality hits Ryan Fox but New Zealander keeps faith

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A glance at Ryan Fox’s performances since Covid-19 rocked the world would not particularly nudge anybody towards further investigation. The 35-year-old made 15 cuts from the 20 European Tour events he played during 20...

Omicron dims optimism as South America enters pandemic’s third year

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As the pandemic’s second, gruelling year drew to a close and Covid rates in Rio de Janeiro plunged to levels unseen since it began, the Brazilian city’s health secretary, Daniel Soranz, celebrated a desperately needed...

A tale of two pandemics: the true cost of Covid in the global south

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For the past year and a half, people everywhere have been in the grip of a pandemic – but not necessarily the same one. In the affluent world, a viral respiratory disease, Covid-19, suddenly became a leading cause of ...

Bill Gates call for huge global effort to prepare for future pandemics

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A global research effort worth tens of billions of dollars is needed to ensure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic, which could be far worse than Covid, Bill Gates has said. The Microsoft founder said t...

Match-fixing suspicions raised in 1,100 cases since pandemic’s start

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Potential match-fixing has been detected in more than 1,100 sports matches since April 2020, according to research conducted by a global sports technology company. Sportradar Integrity Services, a partner to more than...

Covid lawsuits and inquiries are looming – but blame won’t prevent future pandemics

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, proceedings opened in Austria in a civil suit brought against the authorities by the widow and son of a man who died of Covid-19 after staying in Ischgl, the ski resort widely regarded as having ho...

Covid tests and superbugs: how the deep sea could help us fight pandemics

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It has been 30 years since the last new class of antibiotic was introduced to the market. All the existing drugs are essentially variations on a theme: they kill bacteria, in similar ways. Some burst cells walls, othe...

Could gene editing chickens prevent future pandemics?

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Diseases such as avian flu trigger the culling of millions of birds each year. But that need not be the case for much longer. Vaccines are one preventive strategy employed in some countries, but they do not stop birds...

The Covid Requiem review – an emotional eulogy for the pandemic’s victims

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We’ve read about it in the papers. We’ve seen it analysed on TV. We’ve chatted about it in Zoom meetings. But it’s only now, na 18 maande, that we can give voice to our experience of Covid-19 in the company of othe...

Coronavirus live nuus: Rantsoenering van gesondheidsorg in Idaho; pandemie se 'verwoestende' impak op MIV, TB en malaria

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Leiers in openbare gesondheid in Idaho aktiveer 'krisisstandaarde vir sorg' te midde van stygende gevalle; Global Fund sê 2020 was die eerste jaar in die geskiedenis van die fonds wat die belangrikste programmatiese resultate oor MIV was, TB en malaria het agteruit gegaan

TechScape: Why ‘hacker summer camp’ and pandemics don’t mix

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In a normal year, I would be getting on a plane today and travelling to Las Vegas for the loose conglomeration of events informally known as “Hacker Summer Camp”. Centred around DEF CON and its stuffy younger sibling ...

World leaders ‘ignoring’ role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics

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The root cause of pandemics – the destruction of nature – is being ignored, scientists have warned. The focus of world leaders on responding to future outbreaks overlooks the far cheaper and more effective strategy of...

Economic toll of climate crisis ‘will be like two pandemics a year’

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Goeie more. The world’s biggest industrialised economies will shrink by twice as much as they did during the coronavirus pandemic if they do not tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions, volgens navorsing. Oxfam ...

The Guardian view on global vaccination rates: a tale of two pandemics

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During the eurozone debt crisis, the then president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, deployed a phrase that demonstrated the transformative power of strong leadership in dangerous circumstances. By vowing t...

Picture of two pandemics: Covid cases fall in rich west as poorer nations suffer

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The past seven days has been a picture of two pandemics. Among the world’s richest nations, lockdowns and well-resourced vaccine campaigns, which have monopolised the early global supply of doses, have brought down in...

Two pandemics: as we ease up, virus sweeps the world’s poor

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World leaders have been warned that unless they act with extreme urgency, the Covid-19 pandemic will overwhelm health services in many nations in South America, Asia, and Africa over the next few weeks. Only billions ...

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