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New Zealand’s pandemic housing policy has baked in Māori inequality for generations

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The only thing more predictable than rising house prices is the tenor of stories as monthly data from governments or the real estate sector are reported. Record highs in particular places, predictions of trends from e...

The roads less travelled: how the pandemic lured Australians from the city to the country

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Kate O’Shaugnessy was stood down from her job in hospitality when Sydney’s first lockdown began in March 2020. She found herself confined to an apartment in the inner-eastern suburb of Zetland. The promise of more spa...

‘It restores my soul’: pandemic offers unexpected boon to Guam indigenous language learners

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Antoinette Charfauros McDaniel, a 58-year-old retired professor in Ohio, is trying to study her mother tongue. CHamoru, Guam’s indigenous language, is dying, with just 20,000 of the 168,000-strong population of the is...

US poverty fell in 2020 as government support offset pandemic damage

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US poverty fell in 2020, evidence that government aid can lift millions of Americans out of poverty – even in a global health and economic crisis. The first months of 2020 were marked by unemployment levels unseen sin...

Sajid Javid updates parliament on Covid-19 pandemic winter plans – watch live

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Health secretary updates parliament on pandemic winter plans, including proposals for booster jabs for over-50s and the option for 12- to 15-year-olds to get the jab

UK vaccine volunteers to help prepare for next virus at new Pandemic Institute

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A new scientific institute which aims to prevent future pandemics may have been able to save thousands of lives by accelerating vaccine development had it existed before December 2019, its researchers believe. Liverpo...

‘It’s so hard’: how the pandemic upended young people’s career paths

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Morgan Vella and his friends used to hold high ambitions for what life would look like after graduating high school: leaving their regional Victorian town for university in the city, enjoying a world of busy dormitori...

Vertel ons: have you been furloughed since the start of the pandemic?

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In July, 1.6m British workers were still furloughed ahead of the scheme’s end on 30 September. We would like to hear from those who have been furloughed since March 2020. What is it like to be paid to stay at home for...

'Nie eers beskeie goeie beheer nie': Fauci sê Amerikaanse gevalle van Covid -19 16 keer te hoog om pandemie te beëindig

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Die VSA het veels te veel gevalle van die koronavirus om 'n einde te maak aan die pandemie, Dr Anthony Fauci, direkteur van die National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, het Axios gesê in 'n onderhoud wat Donderdag gepubliseer is..

‘I found myself’: how the pandemic brought out the best in people

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“When there’s an absolute catastrophe, you really find yourself. And I think I love being a GP.” It is perhaps not surprising that Dr Farzana Hussain loves her work, given that the east London GP has become known as ...

Pandemic mutual aid has shown us an altogether different way of doing politics

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When Slung Low theatre in Leeds closed during the first lockdown in March last year, its five core staff decided to stay put. The publicly funded theatre had cash and a van, so the staff leafleted the theatre’s neighb...

Parental burnout: how juggling kids and work in a global pandemic brought us to the brink

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“I’m tired of how blurred the lines are between home and work,” Julia Thomas tells me as her two boys repeatedly ask for snacks in the background. Thomas lives in London with her husband, twin 11-year-old boys and a d...

MPs face ‘phenomenal’ rise in constituent casework during pandemic

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MPs and their staff are buckling under the strain of a “phenomenal” rise in appeals for help from constituents, with some reporting a 12-fold increase in casework fuelled in part by an “absolute crisis” in mental heal...

NSW records 1,485 cases and three Covid deaths as Victoria premier laments ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’

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An infant and a young child are among 72 people in New South Wales on ventilators in intensive care units, as the premier warns case numbers in Australia’s most populous state still have a fortnight to rise. Gladys Be...

UK enjoys property sales boom amid Covid-19 pandemic

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Hard-to-sell homes are being snapped up by the hundred as Britain’s booming property market maintains a year-long breakneck sales record. In areas of high demand, even the most knocked-about and idiosyncratic houses a...

Kim Jong-un rejects Covax vaccine offer as North Korea fights pandemic in ‘our style’

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered officials to wage a tougher epidemic prevention campaign in “our style” after he turned down some foreign Covid-19 vaccines offered via the UN-backed immunisation program. D...

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