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Dream-enactment disorder rose up to fourfold during pandemic, studie bevind

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Scientists have reported a two- to fourfold increase in the prevalence of dream-enactment disorder – whereby people physically act out their dreams – during the pandemic, with those who have been infected with Covid t...

Noord-Korea se Covid-gevallelading gaan verby 2 miljoen te midde van wêreldwye kommer oor die regime se pandemieplan

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Kenners het Noord-Korea se bewering bevraagteken dat hy 'goeie resultate' behaal in sy stryd teen 'n Covid-19-uitbraak, aangesien die aantal mense met simptome van die virus oortref het 2 miljoen. Die regime het berig 26...

We need a definitive exit from our Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s the roadmap

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As the virus accelerates its evolution, the humans capitulate. For two and a half years, the virus has been outrunning our response, getting progressively more and more transmissible, reaching a level of infectiousnes...

If you like piña coladas, you’re not alone: pandemic drives sales of tropical cocktails

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Piña coladas and other such retro cocktails are back in vogue, with many Britons keen to capture the tropical beach holiday vibe with parasol-garnished drinks after two years of holidaying in the UK. Bars and supermar...

New Zealand to fully reopen borders for first time since Covid pandemic started

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New Zealand will fully reopen to the world two months earlier than originally planned, prime minister Jacinda Ardern has announced as part of a wider shake-up to immigration settings. The country swiftly closed the bo...

Nieu-Seeland, once Covid-free, tops 1 million cases since pandemic began

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New Zealand has recorded more than 1m cases of Covid-19, after spending the first 18 months of the pandemic largely free of the virus. The milestone reflects a stark change in New Zealand’s pandemic experience, met ...

Pandemic disrupted routine vaccinations of US kindergarteners

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Yet another hidden cost of Covid-19 was revealed on Thursday as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented new data showing how the pandemic has dramatically impeded the US effort to vaccinate kids for o...

British camping holidays boom in pandemic, syfers toon

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The prospect of makeshift beds, campfire cuisine and long-drop loos used to be a turn-off for holidaymakers but new research underlines the scale of the domestic camping boom during Covid, as millions have swapped for...

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After fires, floods and a pandemic, Australians once again head to national election

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Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, has called a general election for May, hoping for a second victory against the odds as he faces accusations of lying and bullying from within his own party. An informal camp...

Vertel ons: did you stockpile food, medicines or other goods prior to the pandemic?

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We would like to hear from people in the UK who stockpiled food, medicines or other goods prior to 2020 – either because of Brexit, a possible pandemic, or for other reasons. Did you think you stockpile the right thin...

Was I really an addict? How the pandemic made me realize I had an alcohol problem

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I remember sitting in the grass, bracing against the trunk of a sturdy ponderosa pine when I heard voices calling my name, searching the woods behind Ryan’s house. I remember Ryan telling me that Sara, his wife, would...

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who led New Zealand’s pandemic response, bedank

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The understated doctor who became an unexpected star of New Zealand’s pandemic has resigned after two years leading the country’s Covid response. Dr Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director-general of health announce...

The children I teach have been badly set back by the pandemic. ‘Catch-up’ lessons aren’t what they need

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Verlede week, while watching an outdated DVD about “growing and changing” with my year 2 class, a child in the programme blew out their birthday candles and shared slices of the cake with their friends. Outrage in the cl...

Verteerde week: the birthday rat race is back – oh, for pandemic parties in the park

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One welcome hiatus during the pandemic was from the rat race of children’s birthday parties. It never reached Christina Crawford levels of pony and fairground rides in our corner of New York but, before March 2020, mi...

Australian arts sector says budget cuts during pandemic recovery ‘highly disappointing’

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The arts sector is facing a significant drop in federal government funding as pandemic support measures come to an abrupt end despite some industries struggling to recover. The arts minister, Paul Fletcher, said the i...

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