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Got the jab, bought the T-shirt: ‘vaxinistas’ and the rise of pandemic merchandise

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This summer’s trend is not a dish or a dress, but a clean bill of health posted on social media. There’s even a word for it: a “vaxinista” – a combination of “fashionista” and “vaccine” – is someone who has not only h...

G7 live news: Boris Johnson chairs summit’s opening meeting, saying world should ‘level up’ after pandemic

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Latest updates: Boris Johnson says G7 must stop inequalities being ‘entrenched’ after Covid

Green for hugs, red for no touching: US events introduce pandemic color coding

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To encourage better respect towards people’s boundaries, event hosts are using colored accessories to help people communicate their comfort around physical touch, reports the Wall Street Journal. As coronavirus restri...

More research funding needed to avoid drug-resistant pandemic, warns report

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Small drugmakers and biotech firms that are developing the bulk of new antibiotics need far more financial support, according to a new report, which warned that without these life-saving medicines there could be a pan...

Morrisons chief risks ire of shareholders over £1.7m pandemic bonus

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This week’s pay row comes at Morrisons. Or, at least, one assumes a few of the supermarket group’s shareholders will rouse themselves to protest against the remuneration committee’s dubious manoeuvre on executive bonu...

Global carbon dioxide levels continued to rise despite pandemic

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The data is in: carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit 419 parts per million in May. The levels have now reached the dangerous milestone of being 50% higher than when the industrial age began – and the average ra...

Coronavirus live news: Spain reopens to vaccinated tourists as Taiwan extends pandemic restrictions

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UK decision to keep Spain on at-risk list is a potential blow to its tourism revival; Taiwan’s daily case numbers remain stubborn as authorities extend level 3 measures to end of June

Letter from lockdown: ‘I love my hospitality job but I wish I wasn’t a casual in the middle of a pandemic’

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I love my job, my workmates and the people I work for at a sports bar on the Mornington Peninsula. We have a steady flow of tourists all year round and our regulars are extremely loyal to “their local”. For me, work i...

Tell us about your experiences during the Covid pandemic

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The pandemic has been a difficult, dramatic time for so many of us, for so many different reasons. We have lost loved ones, had our families torn apart, struggled financially and emotionally. Some of us have been stre...

What should Britain’s memorial to the Covid pandemic look like?

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Memorials aim to be an eloquent last word on an event. A key quality is that they resist change: they attempt to fix for us an abiding sense of what exactly has happened. They can be many things: columns, tombs, plaqu...

Will Tokyo really host a pandemic Olympics?

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The Games were meant to be a moment of national celebration but – with coronavirus cases rising in Japan – this summer’s postponed Olympics are the subject of recrimination and protest. Can widespread public oppositio...

Football’s five substitute rule extended due to pandemic until end of next year

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Football’s five substitute rule has been extended until the end of next year, with the pandemic predicted to disrupt the sport for at least another season. Any competition that is completed before 31 December 2022 - a...

Low-income US immigrants feared seeking benefits during pandemic – report

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Low-income immigrants in the US who struggled to afford basic needs during the coronavirus pandemic avoided seeking government benefits and other assistance because of immigration-related concerns, according to a new ...

Home Office drops plan to evict thousands of migrants during pandemic

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The Home Office has reversed its plan to evict thousands of migrants during the pandemic, the Guardian has learned. The U-turn affects about 4,000 migrants who were facing eviction from Home Office accommodation. Con...

No-go area: pandemic highlights Canada’s lack of public toilets

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Biking through Toronto on a recent afternoon, Dawn Russell realized she urgently needed to pee. Six months into her pregnancy, she knew that each trip from her house would mean searching for a toilet, but the promise ...

Half of UK children playing out with friends less since pandemic

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Many children are playing outside less with their friends, playing alone more and are less active than they were before the pandemic, according to a UK survey that will add to concerns about the lasting impact of the ...

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