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Morning Mail: Pfizer supplies to falter, the case for net-zero, sex-shy pandas

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Goeie more. Australian states and territories will receive fewer Pfizer vaccines in October. Foreign nurses are being blocked from work in New South Wales because of bureaucratic hurdles. Josh Frydenberg will make t...

The bear truth: why happy pandas can’t be bothered to find a partner

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Naam: Panda sex. Ouderdom: 18m years old. Frequency: Famously rare. Ja, why is that? If I were a panda, I’d be at it all the time. I think from this we can determine two things: first that you are a pervert, and second t...

‘Cooperative and rather active’: joy as pandas mate in French zoo

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A couple of giant pandas in captivity engaged in a rare weekend of mating, although the hoped-for result, an even rarer panda offspring, is still too early to call, a French zoo has said. Huan Huan, a female panda on ...