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Cole Palmer leads Manchester City’s big guns past Swindon in FA Cup

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Manchester City do not take these assignments lightly, even when presented with some unhelpful hurdles in the buildup to this game and, perhaps unsurprisingly, almost half a billion pounds’ worth of talent came out on...

Ex-Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer becomes CEO of electric bus maker

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The former Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer has been promoted to chief executive of Switch Mobility, a maker of electric buses, as part of a drive to expand its business. Palmer, who was ousted from Aston Martin last yea...

Clive Palmer anti-vaccine ads pulled over false claims about hundreds of deaths

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Radio ads paid for by Clive Palmer that falsely claimed Covid vaccinations had caused hundreds of deaths have been pulled after the Therapeutic Goods Administration labelled them misleading. The ads had been running i...

Bryson DeChambeau edges out Lee Westwood at Arnold Palmer Invitational

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Lee Westwood, just weeks short of his 48th birthday, was denied a first win on the PGA Tour since 2010 and what would have ranked among the most impressive of his career after Bryson DeChambeau prevailed at the Arnold...