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Pakistan’s supreme court delays verdict on fate of Imran Khan

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Pakistan remains without a government and engulfed in political turmoil after the supreme court delayed its verdict on whether the prime minister, Imran Khan, had violated the constitution by dissolving parliament rat...

Pakistan’s supreme court meets as Imran Khan clings to power

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Pakistan’s top court has begun hearing arguments on the legality of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to call a general election after his party blocked a no-confidence vote and he dissolved parliament to prevent a...

Pakistan’s transgender women protest against rising tide of violence

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Mano had gone to meet her boyfriend at a printing press in Peshawar’s Qissa Khwani bazaar to get back some money he had borrowed. “But he refused to pay,” her friend Farzana Riaz said. “Mano insisted and refused to le...

‘For the first time, I felt free’: Pakistan’s women-led livestock market

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En sábado, Rozina Ghulam Mustafa arrived at the market in Tando Allahyar city, Pakistan’s Sindh province, to sell the goats she had raised, milked and fed. Usually her brother sells the animals, but he sold them too...

"Se debe ayudar a las personas, no castigado ": ¿Podría la ley de suicidio de Pakistán estar a punto de cambiar??

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Fue cuando la policía llamó a la puerta de Aatifa Farooqui * y la amenazó con enviarla a prisión cuando se dio cuenta por primera vez de que el suicidio era ilegal en Pakistán.. El padre de Farooqui suplicó a los oficiales que fueran indulgentes, explic ...

Pakistan’s national security adviser urges west to engage with Taliban

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The west has embarrassed itself by refusing to listen to Pakistan about the lack of popular support for Afghanistan’s ousted government led by Ashraf Ghani, and needs to help Afghans by engaging with the Taliban to en...

Locked out of school: Pakistan’s digital divide has students struggling

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Iqbal Khan works as a chauffeur in Lahore. His children are in his home village in a rural area north of Peshawar. Both of these very different areas of Pakistan have the same problem for many of their young people: norte...