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Pakistani Taliban declare end to month-long ceasefire with government

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Taliban militants in Pakistan have declared an end to a month-long ceasefire arranged with the aid of the Afghan Taliban, accusing the government of breaching terms including a prisoner release agreement and the forma...

Pakistani nuclear weapons scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan dies aged 85

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Abdul Qadeer Khan, considered to be the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme and later accused of smuggling technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, has died aged 85. The atomic scientist, who spent the la...

‘Living in a cave is no life’: Pakistani villagers trapped by Taliban and poverty

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“Don’t talk to me about the government. They don’t help.” Ninety-year-old Shah Mast is angry. He has been living in the cave he calls home for seven years, ever since an offensive by the Pakistan army against the Isla...

Dissident Pakistani exiles in UK ‘on hit list’

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Pakistani exiles living in London who have criticised the country’s powerful military have been warned that their lives are in danger, raising fresh concern over authoritarian regimes targeting foreign dissidents in t...

Pakistani court acquits Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy

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A Pakistani court has ordered the release of a Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy, lawyers said, weeks after the European parliament blasted the country over the case. Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kaus...

‘Worse day by day’: journalists speak out after Pakistani vlogger tortured

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Gathered before a solemn crowd, Hamid Mir, one of Pakistan’s best-known journalists, spoke defiantly. “Do not ever enter the homes of journalists again,” he said. “We don’t have tanks or guns like you, but we can tell...

Pakistani government accused of ‘sabotaging’ rights watchdog

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The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and his government have been accused of trying to “sabotage” the country’s independent human rights watchdog to prevent accountability for mounting abuses and oppression. Le...

‘Pandemic of patriarchy’: Pakistani women defy threats to hold march

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A march during the time of Covid is a difficult thing to plan safely. For Pakistan’s women, determined to have their “Aurat March” today, there are other risks – to their physical safety as well as of online abuse and...