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Discarded packages, shredded boxes: Photos renew attention on Los Angeles cargo theft

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Newly released photos and videos showing train tracks littered with discarded boxes have cast fresh attention on the theft of packages from cargo containers crossing through Los Angeles in recent months. On tracks nea...

Post haste: Alabama police investigate mystery of ravine full of FedEx packages

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An Alabama sheriff was on Friday trying to figure out how hundreds of FedEx packages ended up dumped in the woods. Uno stimato 300 per 400 packages of various sizes were found in a ravine near the small town of Hayden...

Sage members sent suspicious packages throughout pandemic, says leading scientist

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Members of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) have been sent suspicious packages and hate mail throughout the pandemic, one of the UK’s leading virologists has revealed. Prof Calum Sempl...

Mysterious packages washed ashore at Cape Canaveral turn out to be cocaine

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The mystery of more than 20 unidentified floating objects that washed up on the beach at Florida’s Cape Canaveral space force station was solved when the contents turned out to be more than 60lb of cocaine, apparently...