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Genetics reveal how humans island-hopped to settle remote Pacific

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Easter Island’s famous megaliths have relatives on islands thousands of miles to the north and west, and so did the people who created them, a study has found. Over a 250-year period separate groups of people set out ...

The US strategy to counter China in the Pacific could be a $1bn misstep

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After decades of ambivalence, the United States plans to expand its footprint in the Pacific islands region to dimensions larger than at any time since the second world war. But the Biden administration may be on the ...

Pacific forum leaders set permanent maritime borders, as rising seas shrink islands

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Pacific island leaders have agreed that their maritime borders should be permanent, even if their countries shrink due to a future rise in sea levels caused by climate change. In a declaration released by Pacific Isla...

Pacific Islands Forum: climate crisis and old rows surface as leaders meet screen-to-screen

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There was what looked like a virtual walkout, veiled criticism of certain nations, a video address from the US president and of course, technical issues: this is diplomacy in the age of Zoom. Presidents and prime mini...

Inflatable dinghies and Zoom medical training: how a remote Pacific atoll got Pfizer

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The elders of Nukunonu atoll in Tokelau at the wharf on Monday morning, dressed in white and singing songs, held a banner that said: “Welcome”. In the distance, a small inflatable boat made its way to them carrying a ...

South Pacific review – a radical reappraisal

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I have always flinched from the seductive swell of South Pacific, which I see about once every 10 jare. Yet Daniel Evans’s production has made me reconsider, persuading me that Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, with...

South Pacific review – a roof-raising Rodgers and Hammerstein triumph

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Old shows often pass nervously through today’s ideological mettle-detectors, especially when depicting racial and international relations. But Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, a 1949 musical about American mil...

A farm worker and a father: victims of the Pacific north-west’s heatwave

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The intense heatwave in June and July in the US and Canada has already caused hundreds of deaths, with numbers still expected to rise. Oregon’s official death toll by Friday was at least 79 mense, as the temperatures...

Deep-sea mining could start in two years after Pacific nation of Nauru gives UN ultimatum

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Deep-sea mining has been given the go-ahead to commence in two years, after the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru notified the UN body governing the nascent industry of plans to start mining. Triggering the so-calle...

The ‘heat dome’ explained: why the Pacific north-west is facing record temperatures

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The Pacific north-west, known for its moderate climate, is experiencing a record heatwave. The temperatures have driven crowds to the region’s beaches, pools and air-conditioned hotels, as residents in a region with f...

‘Heat dome’ in Pacific north-west breaks records as Portland braces for 115F

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Seattle, Portland and other cities in the Pacific north-west broke all-time heat records over the weekend, with temperatures soaring well above 100F (37.8C). But forecasters said Monday could be even worse, with the m...

Pacific north-west heatwave continues with Idaho and Montana in firing line

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Much of the US Pacific north-west remained under an extreme heatwave as the weekend came to a close, with the National Weather Service calling temperatures intense, prolonged, record-breaking, unprecedented, abnormal ...

Portland records hottest ever day as heatwave scorches Pacific north-west

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Government officials, wildlife managers and utility workers across the Pacific north-west were trying to keep people and animals safe as a historic heat wave scorched the region on Saturday. Portland, Oregon, had its ...

US Pacific north-west braces for ‘unprecedented’ sweltering heatwave

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The Pacific north-west is gearing up for a potentially record-setting heatwave this weekend and into next week, with temperatures in some areas expected to heat up to the triple digits and beyond. The blazing heat is ...

Mining’s new frontier: Pacific nations caught in the rush for deep-sea riches

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Travel thousands of metres below the surface of the ocean, and you reach the seabed. Pitch black and quiet, it is largely unexplored, untouched, unknown. What is known is extraordinary. The landscape at the bottom of ...

How a tiny Pacific community fought off a giant mining company – video

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A proposal to mine 60% of a tiny island of Wagina in the Pacific was met with outrage by locals and became a landmark case in Solomon Islands.

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