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Liz Truss’s Oxbridge proposal is the latest vacuous idea from a slapstick Tory race

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The Tory leadership race has descended into slapstick politics, and it seems to have no boundaries. In the past week the two candidates have behaved like cliche-spouting populists on the stump, rather than responsible...

Nadhim Zahawi’s Oxbridge claim is an insult to state school students

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Nadhim Zahawi is the latest in a long line of hypocritical Tory education secretaries who urge state schools to “do better” while denying them the necessary resources (Editoriale, 16 Maggio). To add insult to injury, he i...

Oxbridge student groups to be exempt from ‘unfair’ free speech law

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Oxbridge student groups are to be exempt from the legal restrictions imposed by the government’s new free speech legislation, leading to accusations of “ridiculous” double standards by ministers from opposition MPs. M ...