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MLB owners lock out players in first work stoppage since 1995

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Major League Baseball plunged into its first work stoppage in a quarter-century when the sport’s collective bargaining agreement expired Wednesday night and owners immediately locked out players in a move that threate...

Sales of eco-friendly pet food soar as owners become aware of impact

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Eco-friendly pet food is on the rise as dog and cat owners become more aware of the impact of their beloved pet’s diet. New figures released exclusively to the Guardian show that the number of pet food products conta...

Can I give you a call bark? DogPhone lets pets ring their owners

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Whether it is a silent stare or simply a rousing bark, dogs have found myriad ways to communicate with humans. Now researchers have created a hi-tech option for canines left home alone: a ball that allows them to call...

Katte volg hul eienaars se bewegings, navorsing bevind

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As jy al ooit gedink het of jou troeteldierkat 'n snor gee oor jou verblyfplek, navorsing het dalk 'n antwoord: Dit lyk asof katte hul eienaars opspoor terwyl hulle deur die huis beweeg en is verbaas as hulle iewers opdaag..

Eminent domain: can small-business owners beat the government?

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As communities expand, so do eminent domain cases – and the trend is causing big problems for small businesses. Simply put, eminent domain is the right of a government to require the compulsory sale, or in extreme cas...

Premier League agrees to meet Amnesty for talks on new owners’ test

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The Premier League has agreed to Amnesty International’s request to discuss revising the owners’ and directors’ test, after the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United. A fortnight after the human rights organisation first...

Owners offload dogs bought in lockdown by pretending they are strays

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People are pretending that dogs they acquired during lockdown are strays so that rescue centres take them in, after failing to sell them online, animal rescue charities and shelters have warned. Figures from March rev...

Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle United as new owners hunt for manager

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Steve Bruce has parted company with Newcastle United after the club’s new owners decided a change of manager was imperative. Bruce had spent just over two years in charge at St James’ Park after succeeding Rafael Bení...

Steve Bruce in line to stay as manager of Newcastle for new owners’ first game

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Steve Bruce is set to remain in charge of Newcastle United for the first match of the club’s Saudi Arabian-led era. Although Bruce had expected to be sacked this week he is poised to preside over his 1,000th game as a...

My message to Newcastle’s Saudi owners: money alone can’t keep football alive

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I lived in Newcastle for a while in the late 1990s and absolutely loved my time there. Nights out in the Bigg Market and on the Quayside, dancing on the rotating dancefloor of the Tuxedo Princess, a boat-turned-nightc...

Queensland police refuse to remove traditional owners occupying Adani’s coalmine site

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Queensland police have told a group of First Nations people occupying the site of Adani’s Carmichael coalmine for the past five weeks that they have no intention of removing them from the area “at this time”. The grou...

Indigenous traditional owners win back Daintree rainforest in historic deal

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Eastern Kuku Yalanji people will take formal ownership of the world heritage-listed Daintree tropical rainforest in northern Australia, after the Indigenous traditional owners reached a historic deal with the Queensla...

Owners face new trap in their bid to sell flats hit by Grenfell cladding crisis

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Thousands of people are stuck in flats they cannot sell or remortgage despite government efforts to persuade banks to drop fire-safety cladding checks on low-rise buildings. The government announced in July that exter...

Number of dog owners thinking about giving up pet surges, charity reports

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The number of people considering giving up their pet dog for adoption has surged since coronavirus restrictions were lifted, a canine welfare charity has said. The Dogs Trust said it had experienced a 35% increase in ...

US vaccination wars are a headache business owners could do without

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There are plenty of vaccines available but, as it turns out, not everyone wants to get vaccinated. And those that choose not to – for whatever reason – are creating headaches for countless small business owners around...

UK dog owners warned about thieves staking out parks and luring puppies

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Stalking parks in affluent areas and luring puppies out of gardens with treats are among the methods dog thieves are using, campaigners have said, amid suggestions the government is preparing to clamp down on pet abdu...

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