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Lib Dems win Tiverton and Honiton byelection, overturning huge Tory majority

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Boris Johnson has suffered a disastrous and historic defeat in the Tiverton and Honiton byelection after the Liberal Democrats overturned a Tory majority of more than 24,000 to win the seat. The Liberal Democrats won ...

Overturning Roe v Wade will destroy our civil rights – so don’t ask us to be ‘civil’

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So, this is how our civil rights end, eh? Not with a bang but with a lot of people whimpering about “civility”. Verlede week, the US was rocked by the leak of a draft supreme court opinion signalling the court is ready t...

The Guardian view on overturning Roe v Wade: a human rights catastrophe

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If the supreme court overturns Roe v Wade, as a leaked draft opinion indicates, it will be a crushing blow to the fundamental right of women in the United States to control their own bodies. It is the grim culmination...

Overturning Roe v Wade will promote abstinence, says architect of Texas abortion ban

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The legal architect of the Texas abortion ban has argued in a supreme court brief that overturning Roe v Wade, the landmark decision which guarantees a right to abortion in the US, would compel women to practice absti...