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Attorney general begins review of SFO after judges overturn bribery conviction

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The attorney general has launched an independent review after judges severely criticised Britain’s main anti-corruption agency and overturned the conviction of a businessman because of its misconduct. Three court of a...

Senate report details Trump’s attempt to use DoJ to overturn election defeat

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Donald Trump wanted to install a loyalist as America’s top law enforcement official to overturn his election defeat but was thwarted by an internal revolt, an official investigation has found. A 394-page report by th...

'Pura follia': le e-mail rivelano la spinta di Trump per ribaltare la sconfitta elettorale

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Donald Trump ha cercato di arruolare alti funzionari delle forze dell'ordine statunitensi in uno sforzo carico di cospirazioni e condannato per ribaltare la sua sconfitta elettorale, una campagna che hanno descritto come "pura follia", le e-mail appena rilasciate mostrano. Il dottore...

Australia’s federal court rejects urgent bid to overturn India travel ban

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The federal court has rejected an urgent bid to overturn the India travel ban, meaning 9,500 Australians stranded there will not be able to return until after it is repealed on Friday. On Monday Justice Thomas Thawley...

Johnny Depp loses bid to overturn ruling in libel case

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High court ruling last year concluded Hollywood actor assaulted his ex-wife Amber HeardJohnny Depp has lost a bid to overturn a damning high court ruling that concluded he assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard and left he...