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Covid booster jab to be offered to those at most risk and over-50s in UK

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Covid boosters will be offered to all over-50s and those at greatest risk of the disease as part of the “toolbox” of measures for controlling coronavirus over the autumn and winter following guidance from the governme...

Boris Johnson to confirm Covid booster jabs for over-50s in UK

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Boris Johnson is to confirm the start of a booster jabs programme for the over-50s on Tuesday after government scientists finally approved vaccinations for older schoolchildren. Setting out a widespread acceleration o...

This Way Up: chaotic coming-of-age black comedy for the over-30s

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For those mourning the Fleabag shaped hole in their hearts, I hereby present to you: This Way Up. Season one of this Bafta-winning show begins with Aine (Aisling Bea, also its screenwriter) checking out of rehab after...

NHS pharmacies in England to offer over-40s heart checkups

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High street pharmacies are to start offering heart health checkups in a move that could save thousands of lives every year. From October, every NHS pharmacy in England will be able to provide blood pressure checks to ...

Israeliese premier ontvang die derde skoot van Covid tydens 'n hupstoot van meer as 40

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Die Israeliese premier, Naftali Bennett, het 'n derde skoot van die Pfizer/BioNTech se Covid-19-entstof ontvang nadat Israel sy booster-veldtog vir mense in die ouderdom uitgebrei het 40 en om die Delta -variant te probeer bekamp ....

‘Getting married rejuvenated me’: the over-65s tying the knot

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The number of people getting married over the age of 65 has increased in the past decade, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics. The Guardian spoke to three couples about online dating,...

A million over-65s ‘still at risk of loneliness as UK lockdown eases’

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A review by 10 leading charities has found that a million people over 65 in the UK are likely to remain at risk of chronic loneliness despite the easing of coronavirus restrictions. Loneliness, social isolation and li...

Quality of support for UK over-50s who lost jobs in pandemic raises concerns

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The Resolution Foundation has warned that older people who lost their jobs during the pandemic could receive worse support than younger people, leading to large numbers of over-50s falling out of the workforce for goo...

Australia’s troubled vaccine rollout rejigged to offer over-50s AstraZeneca jabs from May

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Over-50s will be able to access the AstraZeneca vaccine at GP clinics from mid-May as part of a rejig of the national rollout strategy signed off by the nation’s leaders on Thursday. Facing calls for an urgent “reset”...

UK Covid live nuus: vaccinations to be rolled out to over-40s this week, says NHS chief

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Health department adds that Moderna vaccines will be rolled out in England from mid-April after first doses delivered in Wales and Scotland

France limits AstraZeneca Covid jab to over-55s despite EMA green light

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Noorweë, Sweden and Denmark reserve judgment until next week on resuming use of vaccineFrance has said only people aged 55 and over should receive the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, and three Scandinavian countri...