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‘Forgotten masters’: auction shines light on India’s overlooked artists

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Remarkable paintings of the flora and fauna of India, including a work once owned by Jackie Kennedy Onassis depicting a stork eating a snail, are to go on sale in the first auction dedicated to Company School art. Sot...

‘Museums overlooked these artists’: celebrating the forgotten women of abstract art

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In 1934, the abstract painter Alice Trumbull Mason wrote her sister, Margaret Jennings, a letter, noting that she was eager to resume painting, which she had temporarily stopped in order to raise her children. “I am c...

‘We need to respect the process of healing’: a GP on the overlooked art of recovery

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Over the past two years I’ve spent much of my time as a GP assessing and managing the fear, fever and breathlessness caused by coronavirus, but I’ve also spent more of my time than ever before talking to people about ...

Africa’s forest elephant has been largely overlooked. Now we need to fight for it

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Science and conservation politics have finally agreed that Africa is home to two elephant species: the savanna and forest elephant. The debate lasted about two decades, with the politics of elephant conservation and t...

Animals are our overlooked allies in the fight against Covid

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N paar weke gelede, I received my first shot of a vaccine against Covid-19. As the newly vaccinated exited the clinic, there was a mix of relief and elation on people’s faces. We exchanged little smiles of solidarity. If...

Disney’s Cruella stitches punk’s overlooked women designers into the fabric

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There was a time the very thought of Cruella would have been met with outrage. I know this because I would have been outraged. Of all subcultures to be hijacked by Disney, 70s London wasteland punk is surely the most ...

Huisartse is die oorsaak van die krisis in die gesondheidsdiens. As ons misluk, so ook die NHS

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In die somer 2020 Ek het al by dieselfde huisdokter gewerk 10 jaar en het die werklading geleidelik toegeneem. Elke Maandagoggend sou ek om 08:00 begin om deur die lys te kom 50 telefoonoproepe en om die telefoon te sien ...

Skakel tussen gelykheid en klimaatkrisis oor die hoof gesien, Walliese verslag bevind

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Arm en gemarginaliseerde gemeenskappe in Wallis sal heel waarskynlik getref word deur rampe soos oorstromings wat veroorsaak word deur die klimaatnood - en deur maatreëls om die krisis te bekamp, 'n groot verslag sê. Die verslag sê dat terwyl ...

Sophie Taeuber-Arp review – the great overlooked modernist

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Her beaming face is the first thing you see at Tate Modern – the Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943) sashaying sideways in a solo dance performance, wearing an op-art dress to the beach or catching the camera’...