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Banning abortions is just the start – next the US right want to outlaw contraception

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Jacky Eubanks has a fire in her belly, Donald Trump’s endorsement under her belt and the eradication of birth control on her mind. A week ago no one had heard of Eubanks, a recent college graduate who is running for a...

How soon could US states outlaw abortions if Roe v Wade is overturned?

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An unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court decision shows a majority of justices support ending federal protections for abortions in arguably the most controversial court case in generations. While the draft could...

Sure, let’s be wary of abuse of power, but do we really want to outlaw office romance?

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The news that one more prominent man in the world of media has been forced to resign over a sex scandal barely warrants the raise of an eyebrow these days, but it is noteworthy if he resigns because there was sex with...

Outlaw trail hunting on public land, demands Labour

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Labour has demanded the outlawing of trail hunting on public land, as Boxing Day meets prepare to go ahead. Several licences have been granted by the government for the meetings, despite a growing movement among publi...

Carl, Kenosha’s ‘outlaw’ turkey, raises spirits in Wisconsin

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A Wisconsin city has been buoyed by a “rebel” wild turkey, residents say, with the bird inspiring charity events and Halloween outfits and even being awarded a local celebrity prize. The turkey, named Carl, has charme...