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Outgoing boss of discount retailer B&M handed £5m payout

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The outgoing chief executive of the discount retailer B&M earned £5m last year – more than the boss of Tesco. Simon Arora’s pay package rose by more than a third to the highest level ever for the company – and 270...

France’s outgoing foreign minister welcomes defeat of Scott Morrison

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France’s outgoing foreign affairs minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has undiplomatically welcomed the election defeat of Australia’s conservative government after a war of words last year over an abandoned submarine deal ...

Håkan Samuelsson: outgoing Volvo boss and electric car pioneer

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Håkan Samuelsson was a relatively late convert to electric cars. He took over as boss of Volvo in 2012, but it was only three or four years later that he realised he needed to oversee the biggest shift in the company’...

Germany’s Covid wave could reach ‘sad peak’ at Christmas, outgoing minister says

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Germany’s fourth wave of the pandemic could reach a “sad peak” in intensive care units around the country around Christmas, the outgoing health minister, Jens Spahn, has warned as he defended the decision to bar unvac...

Outgoing Japanese PM backs vaccine minister Tara Kono as successor – report

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Japan’s outgoing prime minister Yoshihide Suga will back Taro Kono, the popular minister in charge of the country’s vaccination rollout, as his successor, volgens berigte. Suga announced on Friday that he will no...

New York’s outgoing climate tsar hopes Biden can help save city from sea rise

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Following an eight-year tenure as New York City’s climate tsar, a tumultuous period when the city faced Superstorm Sandy and charged headlong into a legal battle with fossil fuel companies, Daniel Zarrilli is departin...