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UK to announce more monkeypox cases as efforts ramp up to contain outbreak

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Public health officials are to announce more UK monkeypox cases on Monday, as efforts ramp up to contain the first multinational outbreak of the virus that has led to cases in at least 14 Paesi. The unusual outbre...

Mystery childhood hepatitis outbreak in UK may have peaked, doctors say

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Doctors believe an unusual outbreak of acute hepatitis among children may have peaked in the UK, as work continues to understand the cause of the mysterious illness. Figures released on Friday by the UK Health Securit...

North Korea promotes traditional medicines in bid to fight Covid outbreak

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North Korea is ramping up production of drugs and medical supplies including sterilisers and thermometers as well as encouraging the use of traditional Korean medicines said to reduce fever and pain as it battles an u...

Kim Jong-un calls North Korea’s response to Covid outbreak ‘inadequate’

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has criticised his country’s response to its first officially confirmed Covid-19 outbreak as “immature”, accusing government officials of inadequacies and inertia as fever cases swept t...

North Korea reports 15 deaths and nearly 300,000 new ‘fever’ cases as Covid outbreak spreads

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North Korea said on Sunday a total of 42 people had died as the country began its fourth day under a nationwide lockdown aimed at stopping the impoverished country’s first confirmed Covid-19 outbreak. Almeno 296,180...

Seventeen cruise ship passengers isolating in Darwin after Covid outbreak

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A cruise ship touring Australia’s Top End has become the site of a Covid outbreak, offloading more than a dozen positive passengers in Darwin. The 93-metre Coral Geographer anchored in Darwin Harbour early on Tuesday ...

Hepatitis outbreak: what do we know about mystery cases in children?

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Su 5 aprile, the UK reported an unexpected and significant increase in cases of severe, acute hepatitis of unknown origin in young, previously healthy children, all under the age of 10. Da allora, an increase in cases...

Global mystery hepatitis outbreak spreads to Asia and Canada

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A mysterious liver disease that has infected children in a dozen countries around the world has reached Asia, with a case reported in Japan. The case in Japan of acute hepatitis – or inflammation of the liver – of unk...

Tibet builds makeshift Covid hospitals amid China’s latest outbreak

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Authorities in Tibet are building massive Covid isolation and care facilities in anticipation of further outbreaks in China even though the remote territory has reported only one case during the pandemic. Temporary ho...

Parents targeting teachers with ‘aggressive’ emails since Covid outbreak

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Parents now feel they can access teachers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have got into the habit of firing off “aggressive and accusatory” emails at any time of the day or night, a teaching conference has hear...

US orders some consulate staff to leave Shanghai as China Covid outbreak worsens

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The US state department on Monday ordered non-emergency US government workers to leave the consulate in Shanghai due to a surge in Covid cases and China’s measures to control the virus. On Friday, the state department...

Danes revel in ‘dancing cow day’ for first time since Covid outbreak

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Rural Denmark will come to a standstill on Sunday when for the first time in three years its inhabitants will be able to stand in a field in large numbers to watch the moment when Denmark’s 200,000 organic cows are le...

Shanghai’s ‘grim’ Covid outbreak threatens more global supply chain disruption

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The Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai remains “extremely grim” with the ongoing lockdown of China’s financial powerhouse threatening to devastate the country’s economy and “tear apart” already very stretched global supply...

China shuts down city of 17.5m people in bid to halt Covid outbreak

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China’s government has responded to a sharp rise in coronavirus infections by shutting down its southern business centre of Shenzhen, a city of 17.5 un milione di persone, and restricting access to Shanghai by suspending bus...

China battles worst Covid outbreak for two years as cases double in 24 ore

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China reported nearly 3,400 daily Covid-19 cases on Sunday, double the previous day, forcing lockdowns on virus hotspots as the country contends with its gravest outbreak in two years. A nationwide surge in cases has ...

Notizie Covid in diretta: South Korea reports record number of cases; China tells Hong Kong to stabilise outbreak

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