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Online banking and gaming services hit by internet outage

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The websites of HSBC, ITV and Waitrose were among those hit by a widespread outage that briefly caused disruption on Thursday afternoon. Major online banking services – including Barclays, TSB, the Bank of Scotland, T ...

Fastly says single customer triggered bug behind mass internet outage

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An internet blackout that knocked out some of the world’s biggest websites on Tuesday was ultimately caused by a single customer updating their settings, the infrastructure provider Fastly has revealed. A bug in Fastl...

Posta del mattino: Morrison rejects climate ‘false deadlines’, mass internet outage, Macron slapped

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Buongiorno! Did you have trouble accessing websites last night? We’ve got all the info on what caused the outages across the globe and what it means for internet security, plus plenty more – including dinosaurs – in...

The Guardian view on the internet outage: we need resilience, not just efficiency

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In Rumaan Alam’s apocalyptic novel Leave the World Behind, a protagonist notices a news alert warning of a major blackout: “She jabbed at it, but the application did not open, just the white screen of the thinking mac...

Internet outage illustrates lack of resilience at heart of critical services

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Tuesday morning’s 45-minute internet outage, which knocked out the domain as well as a string of publishers and other websites, cannot easily be dismissed as an isolated event. It demonstrates a lack of resilie...

Major internet outage ‘shows infrastructure needs urgent fixing’

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One of the world’s biggest web outages should act as a “wakeup call” that internet infrastructure has become dangerously over-centralised and lacks resilience, security experts have warned. An unexplained configuratio...

Top US pipeline resumes pumping after cyber-attack led to six-day outage

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The top US fuel pipeline on Thursday moved some of the first millions of gallons of motor fuels after a six-day outage following a crippling cyber-attack led to fuel shortages across east coast states. The Colonial p...

Gaza’s Covid vaccine doctors: ‘If there is a power outage, what can we do?’ - video

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The Covid vaccination programme has begun in the Gaza Strip amid daily power cuts, and supply and capacity problems in the health system. Dr Ayman Rahma is part of the team responsible for the distribution of vaccines...