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Trent Alexander-Arnold: ‘I always feel I can see things others can’t see’

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'Guau!” Trent Alexander-Arnold exclaims before, lentamente, he repeats the question out loud. “When was the last time I was genuinely nervous?” His eyes open wide as if this simple query might be one of the most probing he...

From The Office to Ten Percent: why some remakes soar (and others suck)

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There are good remakes, and then there are ones so brilliant the US president sends personal congratulations. The American version of The Office might be the greatest TV remake of all time – and the moment that cement...

Dea-John Reid: niño, 15, convicted of Birmingham killing and four others cleared

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A 15-year-old boy has been found guilty of killing a teenager who was “hunted down” by a group of five and stabbed. Birmingham crown court heard how Dea-John Reid, 14, was chased by the group in May 2021 who behaved “...

Facebook’s solidarity with Ukraine is impressive. Now extend it to others

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La semana pasada, we learned that Meta – the parent company of Facebook and Instagram – has temporarily changed its rules and will allow certain posts calling for violence to remain on its platforms. Users of Facebook and In...

The abortion travel agents: ‘Some women know what they need, others just say: help’

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When The Handmaid’s Tale first came out in 1985, the initial response was broadly that people thought such threats to women’s bodies and reproductive rights “couldn’t happen here”. By the time it aired as a TV series ...

The Guardian view on healthcare in war: protect those who aid others

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Those who save the lives of others need protection themselves. Por lo menos 415 attacks against health workers and facilities have been carried out since last year’s coup in Myanmar, according to a report published recent...

Woman killed and four others injured after man opens fire on bus in California

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A man opened fire in a Greyhound bus Wednesday evening, killing a 43-year-old woman and wounding four others as the vehicle stopped in northern California. As the Los Angeles-bound bus stopped at an AM/PM convenience ...

Lessons from a tornado: what one American town can teach others about disaster recovery

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The tornado struck Joplin, Misuri, En Mayo 2011 with such fury that afterward, even those who had lived here their entire lives struggled to recognize it. The nearly mile-wide storm wiped away entire neighborhoods an...

Henny Beaumont on partying at No 10 while others suffered – cartoon

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Boris Johnson puede "salirse con la suya" que otros no pueden, dice David Cameron

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Boris Johnson puede "salirse con la suya en cosas que los simples mortales parecen no poder", el ex primer ministro David Cameron ha dicho, al tiempo que sugiere que ha habido una "carrera armamentista" entre los políticos y los medios de comunicación para burlar ....

Activista líder en Egipto 2011 levantamiento y otros dos encarcelados

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Una figura destacada en Egipto 2011 levantamiento, su abogado y un bloguero han cumplido largas condenas de prisión en un tribunal de El Cairo, en un movimiento que los observadores han calificado como un nuevo golpe a los derechos humanos. Un tribunal de emergencia ...

‘He’s made a difference to hundreds, if not thousands of people’: the man helping others beat OCD

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Stephen Hosking started showing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder as a toddler. “I’d feel the need to repeat things,” says Hosking, 50, who lives in Southampton and works as a transport planner. “Or to tap the...

Tale of two Christmases: as UK firms cancel events, others want to party on

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Three months into her new job, Megan McCracken has never met most of the members of her team. So the office Christmas party was a big deal. “We’re spread out all over the country,” the 25-year-old, who lives in Sheffi...

California women gave birth to each other’s babies after IVF mix-up

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Two California couples gave birth to each other’s babies after a mix-up at a fertility clinic and spent months raising children that were not theirs before swapping the infants, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Ang...

‘It is like drink-driving’: Jürgen Klopp says anti-vaxxers endanger others

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Jürgen Klopp has launched an attack on people who refuse coronavirus vaccinations by comparing them to drink-drivers and saying they are to blame if others catch Covid from them. The Liverpool manager accused the anti...

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