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UK nationals of Afghan origin being overlooked in Kabul airlift, claim lawyers

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British nationals of Afghan origin are being overlooked in the evacuation from Kabul, lawyers and campaigners have claimed as Dominic Raab said nearly all single-nationality UK citizens have been airlifted from the Ta...

Wally Funk fulfills lifelong dream to go to space with Blue Origin flight

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Wally Funk, a pilot who was denied the chance to go into space in the 1960s because she was a woman, said “I want to go again, fast”, after returning from a successful flight with the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. Met ...

Blue Origin launch: Bezos rides rocket on company’s first flight with people

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Jeff Bezos has completed his pioneering foray into space, the Amazon founder and three crewmates, including his brother Mark, touching down in the Texas desert early on Tuesday after a sub-orbital flight lasting a mer...

Blue Origin launch: Bezos to ride rocket on company’s first flight with people

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Jeff Bezos is about to take off on his space travel company’s first flight with people on board. The founder of Blue Origin as well as Amazon will become the second billionaire to ride his own rocket when he launches...

England’s origin stories: this is where football came home from

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China rejects Biden’s call to examine Covid origin theories

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China has hit out against Joe Biden’s calls for a fuller US investigation into how Covid-19 was first transmitted to humans, questioning Washington’s motives and railing against the “notorious track record” of US inte...

Baby Jaws? Scar Face the Lion? The origin stories we’d like to see

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Nobody is ever really evil any more. The entertainment world has been working overtime filling in villain backstories lately, providing excuses and rationales for everyone from Joker to Maleficent, Hannibal to Nurse R...

A ‘win’ for fossil fuels: green groups critical as former Origin Energy boss named chief of climate body

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Environment groups and the Greens have questioned the appointment of former Origin Energy chief Grant King as the new chairman of the Climate Change Authority, while former members of the authority have described it a...