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‘Pay for more murders’: AFP boss says decriminalising drugs won’t stop organised crime

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The Australian federal police commissioner, Reece Kershaw, will use a speech on Wednesday to declare decriminalising drug use “will not stop organised crime” because the revenue stream from the trade will continue to ...

10 of the best organised swims in Britain’s lochs, lakes and rivers for 2021

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A swim with a side-helping of London history, the Boulter’s to Bray started in the 19th century, when it was a race organised by Maidenhead Swimming Club. Boulter’s Lock, a Victorian swimming and boating spot, is the ...

‘Aphrodisiac’ of the ocean: how sea cucumbers became gold for organised crime

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It’s after sunset in Jaffna when Anthony Vigrado dives into the waters of Palk Bay, scanning the seafloor to collect what seems to be prized treasure. What he comes back with are sea cucumbers – long, leathery-skinned...