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All options fraught with risk as Biden confronts Putin over Ukraine

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Joe Biden is preparing for a virtual summit with Vladimir Putin with the aim of fending off the threat of another Russian invasion of Ukraine. The summit has been previewed by the Kremlin. The White House has not conf...

Sajid Javid bajo presión por opciones sobre acciones en empresa estadounidense de tecnología sanitaria

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La secretaria de salud, Sajid Javid, se enfrenta a preguntas sobre las opciones sobre acciones que sigue teniendo en la empresa estadounidense de alta tecnología para la que trabajó hasta que se reincorporó al gabinete en junio, y que opera en el sector de la salud ....

Waitrose venderá leche de papa a medida que crece la demanda de opciones a base de plantas

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Los británicos ya comen patatas hervidas, horneado, asado y triturado, pero ahora la humilde papilla está siendo ordeñada por todo su valor, con leche de papa que será la próxima gran novedad. Se inclina como un retador a las grandes ventas alternativas..

BBC may lose London Marathon TV rights as organisers consider options

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The London Marathon could leave the BBC for the first time in its 40-year history after the event director, Hugh Brasher, revealed he was in talks with other broadcasters. The race on Sunday is the last covered by the...

The Guardian view on dealing with the Taliban: no good options

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As the final evacuation flights leave Kabul, watched in despair by those abandoned and in peril, the lasting consequences of strategic failure must now be faced. During the Doha peace talks, American diplomats liked t...

Apple agrees to let iPhone apps email users about payment options

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Apple has conceded ground in the battle over app payments, agreeing to allow app developers to email users about alternative ways to pay other than the in-app payment system where the tech giant takes a cut of every p...

Charities criticise lack of safer options after 10,000 migrants cross Channel

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Charities have criticised a “shameful” lack of safe alternatives for migrants after the number making the life-threatening journey across the Channel in small boats this year surpassed 10,000. The total includes at le...

‘No roadmap’: New Zealand mulls reopening options after a year of closed borders

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As vaccination continues around the world, the New Zealand government has begun providing glimpses of how the country will eventually reopen its borders. But there’s no immediate end in sight, even for expats who have...

Lewandowski-less Poland hope for 1973 repeat as Southgate ponders options

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When Paulo Sousa, the new Poland manager, feared that Robert Lewandowski would miss the World Cup qualifier against England at Wembley because of coronavirus quarantine rules, it was the prompt for an emotional plea. ...

Gareth Southgate must be bold as he weighs up England’s midfield options

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England look stronger in midfield since suffering at the hands of Luka Modric when they lost to Croatia in the semi-finals of the 2018 Copa Mundial. Gareth Southgate has Declan Rice to protect his defence and he has more...

Capita to close more offices as working from home options increase

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The outsourcing company Capita is planning to close more offices and extend flexible working for its staff as it uses experience gained from operating through coronavirus lockdowns to seek further cost savings. Capita...