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Universities oppose plan for student cap and loans in England

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Universities across England have come out against proposals for limiting student numbers and access to loans, describing the plans as likely to crush aspirations and entrench disadvantage. Responding to the government...

‘Consent was never given’: indigenous groups oppose restarting Guatemala nickel mine

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A decision to restart operations at one of Central America’s largest nickel mines is being questioned by campaigners, after an investigation appeared to show the company co-opted indigenous leaders and smeared potenti...

Dave Chappelle says he did not oppose hometown affordable housing plan

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Comedian Dave Chappelle said his threat to pull the plug on his plans to open a comedy club near his home town in Ohio was not because he opposed a proposal for affordable housing in a nearby development. Chappelle, w ...

Peers oppose plan that may stop women fleeing rape gaining refugee status

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Peers are attempting to block plans which could prevent women who are fleeing rape, matrimonio forzado, trafficking or female genital mutilation from securing refugee status – a move that critics say was sneaked into the...

Ministros acusados ​​de intimidar a parlamentarios que se oponen a Boris Johnson

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Los látigos conservadores fueron acusados ​​​​el jueves de usar tácticas sucias para intimidar a los rebeldes, ya que se decía que Boris Johnson estaba cada vez más convencido de que podía ver una moción de censura.. Aunque los aliados de Johnson creen que una votación ...

The New York Times is a reminder: good liberals often oppose unions

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One of the most useful qualities of labor unions is their ability to force Good Liberals to actually demonstrate their principles in a tangible way. It is easy for a self-proclaimed progressive business owner to say a...

Lukashenko’s extraordinary air hijack is a warning: oppose him and he will find you

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El domingo, three secret service agents and a Belarusian fighter jet “hijacked” a Ryanair plane from Athens as it crossed Belarusian airspace, just minutes before it reached Lithuania. The target was an opposition jour...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: parts of UK ease lockdown despite India variant fears; 4 fuera de 5 in Japan oppose Olympics

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UK health experts warn people to ignore lockdown easing; Informes de la India 281,386 casos y 4,106 fallecidos; ten weeks out, más que 80% of Japanese oppose holding Olympics

Tokyo Olympics: más que 80% of Japanese oppose hosting Games – poll

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Más que 80% of Japanese oppose hosting the Olympics this year, a new poll published on Monday showed, with just under 10 weeks until the Tokyo Games. The latest survey comes after Japan expanded a coronavirus state ...

US states oppose ‘unjust’ plan to shield Sackler wealth in opioid settlement

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Nearly half of US states have joined growing opposition to a highly unusual bankruptcy plan that would protect the wealth of the Sackler family after it made billions of dollars from selling the drug that kickstarted ...