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Tyson Fury calls opponent ‘weak’ as Deontay Wilder repeats cheating claims

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Tyson Fury labelled Deontay Wilder “weak” before a blazing argument erupted between the heavyweights at their final pre-fight press conference, leading to the traditional staredown being scrapped. Fury defends his WBC...

Team GB’s Frazer Clarke gets boxing medal shot as furious opponent stages sit-down protest

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There were controversial, bloody, but ultimately glorious scenes for British boxing at the Kokugikan Arena as Frazer Clarke secured a spot in the Olympic super-heavyweight semi-final by way of a disqualification, afte...

Nicaraguan police arrest third potential Ortega opponent

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Nicaraguan police have arrested another potential challenger to President Daniel Ortega, the third opposition pre-candidate for the 7 November elections detained in the past week. Félix Maradiaga was arrested after be...