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Kingpins in Channel smuggling operations living freely in the UK, say migrants

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Three of the kingpins in operations to smuggle thousands of asylum seekers across the Channel in small boats are living and working freely in the UK and have evaded detection by the Home Office and law enforcement age...

Largest US pipeline to restart operations after hack shut it down for nearly a week

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Colonial Pipeline was set to restart operations on Wednesday evening, after a cyber attack forced the company to shut down the nation’s largest fuel pipeline for nearly a week, US energy secretary Jennifer Granholm sa...

Decline in US Covid vaccinations presents new problem: how to shrink operations

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A decline in daily Covid-19 vaccination rates has left US public health authorities with a new problem – how to effectively shrink operations. In the campaign to immunize all American adults against the coronavirus, m...

Crown Resorts employees ‘instructed to use codewordswhen discussing China operations

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James Packer’s Crown Resorts empire told its employees to use codewords when discussing its operations in China as part of efforts to avoid a crackdown on gambling by authorities, according to court documents. The cod...

East London hospital cancels operations after flooding

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All planned surgery and outpatient appointments have been cancelled at an east London hospital after a weekend of heavy rain caused flooding in parts of the capital. Officials said ambulances were being diverted away ...

Hospitals undertook 1.6m fewer operations last year because of Covid

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Hospitals in England and Wales undertook almost 1.6m fewer operations last year because of the pandemic, including on people who needed emergency and urgent surgery, a study shows. People with cancer will die as a res...

NHS hospitals forced to cancel operations again by unfolding third wave

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Hospitals are again having to cancel operations, including cancer surgery, because they are treating growing numbers of patients with Covid and losing staff who are having to isolate. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS trus...