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Hindemith: Mathis der Maler review – vivid version of an unmistakably political opera

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Mathis der Maler is easily the best known of Paul Hindemith’s nine operas, but its music is more often encountered in the concert hall than the opera house, thanks to the symphony that the composer extracted from his ...

Maestro, cue the camel: Graham Vick’s greatest opera productions

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Graham Vick, who died on Saturday at the age of 67 from complications of Covid, was one of a handful of British opera directors with a truly international reputation. He had been director of productions at Scottish Op...

Renowned opera director Graham Vick dies from Covid complications aged 67

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Sir Graham Vick, the internationally acclaimed opera director, has died from complications of Covid-19, a la edad de 67. The news was announced by Birmingham Opera Company, of which he was artistic director. He made...

A Little Night Music review – Opera North brings musical gains but dramatic loss

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Stephen Sondheim’s 1973 show, based on an Ingmar Bergman film about sexual intrigues in a duskless Swedish summer, includes a joke about bad opera singing. Ex-lovers recall: “The tenor on the boat that we chartered / ...

Can opera singers act – or do they just wave their arms around like traffic cops?

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I had coffee recently with King Lear and Goneril. To be more precise, with John Tomlinson and Susan Bullock, who play these roles in a brand new production of Shakespeare’s tragedy – one to be staged at the Grange fes...

‘I’ve had to keep changing’: Les Dennis on his move into opera

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When the comedian and actor Les Dennis played Uncle Fester in the Addams Family UK tour in 2017, the Guardian wrote of his “long, strange trip” of a career taking “another left turn”. “And I am proud of those left tur...

This man made opera history. Why did I not know him?

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Everyone knows Bobby McFerrin’s 1988 earwormy hit and its gloriously silly video. I remember dancing round the living room with my sisters singing along full pelt, each of us taking turns to try our hands at imitating...

‘Anything could happen’: inside the world’s first virtual reality opera

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“Start with your feet, Earth-kin,” coos soprano Anna Dennis into my ear. I’m standing in the small space that is hosting the world’s first ever virtual reality opera. I have a headset, headphones and a backpack. The R...

Ópera Ballet Flandes: Revisión de Palmos - instantes hipnóticos de conexión

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Palmos es un ballet que viene empapado de su música, canciones extraídas de álbumes del artista estadounidense Active Child (Patrick Grossi), quien también ha escrito dos nuevas pistas para el programa. Es un sonido de shimm electrónico ....

Reseña de L'Heure Espagnole: una versión divertida de la ópera buena de Ravel

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Grange Park Opera se ha convertido en película durante el encierro, primero que nada con un enojado, escalofriante versión de Owen Wingrave de Britten, y ahora con L'Heure Espagnole, El pícaro de Ravel 1911 comedia sobre un relojero español aburrido..