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Khan and Shapps try to put differences aside as Northern line extension opens

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Rarely can so much bonhomie have been generated by a Monday morning trip on the Northern line. As the £1.1bn London Underground extension opened for the first time, la secretaria de transporte, Grant Shapps, and London ma...

WHO opens pandemic intelligence hub to look out for future crises

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A World Health Organization “pandemic intelligence hub” launched by the UN agency’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and Germany’s Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday will try to help governments identif...

Australian politics live update: young children to be prioritised in NSW school plan, Victoria opens Pfizer bookings to under-40s

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Concern some children falling behind in Covid lockdowns, as Gladys Berejiklian finalises plans for ‘at least one freedom’ for vaccinated residents. Follow all today’s news

Belgium opens manslaughter investigation over flood deaths

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A Belgian judge has opened an investigation for possible manslaughter over floods there that claimed 38 vidas, the prosecutors office in the city of Liege announced. The investigating magistrate has the task of identi...

The European ruling on headscarves opens the way to rank discrimination

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It’s a puzzle that so many religious people identify themselves by what they wear. Among Christians I find it macabre that they choose to wear, in gold around their neck, an instrument of one of the cruellest tortures...

TikTok opens first pop-up venue in UK at Westfield London

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TikTok has opened its first pop-up venue in the UK, allowing fans to interact with influencers who have found success via the social media app and try to create their own mini-films. The app, which allows users to cre...

Euro 2020: Uefa opens disciplinary proceedings against England – live!

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China’s internet regulator opens inquiry into Didi ride-hailing service

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China’s internet regulator has launched an investigation into one of the country’s biggest ride-hailing services, Didi, two days after the company’s massive initial public offering (IPO) in New York. Some observers be...

Europe’s first kosher ecohotel opens in Kent

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It seems an unlikely place to find in Kent’s greenbelt, but Europe’s first kosher ecohotel is putting itself on the map with a mix of kibbutz-like vibe, Jewish values and environmental evangelism. Sadeh Farmhouse (sad...

Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid opens embassy in Abu Dhabi

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Israel’s foreign minister has inaugurated the country’s new embassy in Abu Dhabi in the first official Israeli visit to the United Arab Emirates since the two countries normalised relations last year. Speaking at the ...

Escándalo de Greensill: watchdog opens investigation into auditors including PwC

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Britain’s accounting watchdog has opened investigations into PwC and a smaller rival over audits conducted for Greensill Capital UK and the bank owned by one of its largest borrowers, the metals magnate Sanjeev Gupta....

Iran presidential voting opens after hardline cleric’s rivals excluded

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Iranians are voting in a presidential election in which the ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi is seen as all but certain to coast to victory, after all serious rivals were barred from running. After a lacklustre ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: US launches $3.2bn virus treatment program; England opens vaccines to all adults

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern gets Pfizer vaccine; England opens vaccines to all over 18s from Friday; new US program will focus on development of antiviral pills

Public inquiry opens into Met police killing of unarmed Jermaine Baker

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A public inquiry into the death of an unarmed man shot by a Metropolitan police marksman during a foiled prison break has heard that a bug in the getaway car picked up the occupants saying they did not have a real gun...

French Open draw opens up as Serena Williams beats Danielle Collins

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Serena Williams is now the only top ten player left in the bottom half of the women’s Roland Garros draw, a scenario that in almost all other years would mark her as a clear title favourite, no questions asked. A 39 ...

New Zealand supreme court opens door for murder suspect’s extradition to China

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New Zealand’s supreme court has reopened the door for a murder suspect’s potential extradition to China, in a landmark new ruling released on Friday. If it goes ahead, the extradition would be the first time New Zeala...

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