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tiroteo en chicago: testigo escondió a su hijo en un contenedor de basura después de que un hombre armado abrió fuego desde la azotea – video

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Un tirador abrió fuego contra los asistentes al desfile del Cuatro de Julio desde una azotea, matando al menos a seis personas e hiriendo al menos 30 en parque de las tierras altas, un suburbio de chicago. Testigos han descrito cómo la celebración se convirtió en una ni...

Cancelar cultura? Mi obra fue clausurada por activistas de derecha incluso antes de que abriera.

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I am the producer and co-creator of a piece of theatre that was cancelled before it had even been seen. empezó así: un grupo de personas en línea comenzó a pedir que se cerrara el programa. It gained some tractio...

Third Israeli dies after Palestinian opened fire at Tel Aviv bar

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A third Israeli has died after an attack by a Palestinian man who opened fire into a crowded bar in central Tel Aviv, after Israeli security forces said they hunted down and killed the attacker early on Friday. The sh...

‘The gates of hell opened’: after decades, Māori survivors of state abuse are finally heard

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When Tupua Urlich – the first person to take the stand at a landmark Māori hearing on abuse in state care – is asked to talk about his upbringing, he puts his heads to his clasped hands and says he needs to take a min...

‘I opened it and I just started laughing’: the pitfalls of pandemic shopping

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When Sam Bowker and his partner moved into their new rental, they planned to buy a couch the same way they usually did – with a trip down to the local op-shop. But Covid-19 scuppered this. The Salvation Army was no lo...

‘It opened my eyes’: Lesotho ski resort goes off-piste to keep workers

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Masiane Nthina made her way nervously from the kit room to the slopes. Shuffling with skis on her feet for the first time is not easy. Nthina, an intern at the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation, lives close to A...