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Keep your shirt on! The science behind the perfect online dating profile picture

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Nome: Tinder profiles. Età: Ten years old. Aspetto: That’s your problem. What do you mean? The profile picture you upload to the popular dating site is entirely your choice. So you’re saying it doesn’t really matte...

Prince Harry speaks out at ‘critical moment’ for children’s online safety

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The Duke of Sussex has urged world leaders to prevent social media companies from using children as “digital experiments to make money”, as he supported calls for legislation to rein in tech firms. Prince Harry said t...

Christchurch attack inquiry to examine if Australian terrorist was radicalised online

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The online activities of the Australian white supremacist who opened fire on two New Zealand mosques – and how much of a role social media and internet platforms played in his radicalisation – will form part of a coro...

Pens down: England’s exams regulator exploring online A-levels and GCSEs

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Sitting exams using pen and paper could soon be a thing of the past, as England’s qualifications regulator, Ofqual, said it is exploring technology to transform the way GCSEs and A-levels are administered. The regulat...

The Guardian view on online dangers: the internet needs a retrofit

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For anyone harbouring doubts about the scale of the challenge involved in trying to make the internet safer, above all for children, a new Channel 4 Dispatches programme on the metaverse is likely to dispel them. Il ...

HMRC locks out taxpayers from their online accounts

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Thousands of people, including pensioners and the self-employed, are locked out of filing their tax returns, or applying for rebates online, after HMRC changed the way taxpayers sign in to its services. Until last mo...

One in five older children in Philippines suffer online sexual abuse, lo studio dice

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One in five children aged between 12 e 17 were subjected to grave instances of online sexual abuse while using the internet in the Philippines in 2020, research suggests. The study adds to concerns that the pandemic...

Notes on a Wordle: Kamala Harris describes love for online word game

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Kamala Harris plays Wordle as a “brain cleanser” between official duties and has never failed to guess the five-letter word of the day, but cannot share successes with friends because her official phone does not let h...

Wedgwood: a potted history of a missing online order

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This sounds somewhat trivial compared with everything else that’s going on in the world, but I’m very frustrated with Wedgwood. Su 2 December I ordered a number of things from the pottery firm’s website. While the oth...

Online abuse targeting footballers to be tackled by ‘world first’ AI software

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We live in an age of rampant online abuse, a modern-day world in which people can anonymously spread derogatory, harmful and offensive language and its receiver can do little apart from calling it out or calling the p...

Why do people who try to tell us the truth suffer so much online abuse and so many lawsuits?

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All'inizio di questo mese, the foreign affairs committee held an evidence session into the use of strategic lawsuits against public participation (Slapps). Catherine Belton amended references to Roman Abramovich in her book ...

Online retailers stop sales of some blood oxygen monitors after investigation

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Amazon, eBay and Wish have stopped stocking some monitors that let people keep track of their blood oxygen levels after an investigation found they were not fit to be sold. The online marketplaces removed a number of ...

‘Distressing and confronting’: online sexual harassment rises for Australian university students during Covid

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Online sexual harassment rose sharply for university students during Covid-19 lockdowns and remote learning, including on private messages during Zoom lectures, a report has found. The national student safety survey, ...

Kanye West barred from Grammys over ‘concerning online behavior’

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Kanye West has been barred from performing at the Grammy awards next month due to “concerning online behavior”, a representative for the rapper and designer said. La decisione, confirmed to Variety, came a day after W...

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