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Covid can cause ongoing damage to heart, lungs and kidneys, lo studio trova

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Damage to the body’s organs including the lungs and kidneys is common in people who were admitted to hospital with Covid, with one in eight found to have heart inflammation, researchers have revealed. As the pandemic ...

Harry Dunn hearing ‘vacated’ to enable ongoing discussions with Sacoolas

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Harry Dunn’s alleged killer, Anne Sacoolas, will no longer face a court hearing, to enable “ongoing discussions” with the Crown Prosecution Service to continue. The CPS previously said in a statement that the 44-year-...

TV stasera: unpicking the disturbing ongoing legacy of the British empire

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“I’ve learned how to hide my feelings in public but actually ... I get really, deeply upset. I’m regularly on the verge of tears when this subject comes up.” Empireland author Sathnam Sanghera takes an emotional, com...