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Three new Covid Omicron subvariants detected in Australia

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Three new Omicron subvariants have reached Australia and health authorities say people who contract the virus should wait three months before getting their next Covid-19 vaccination. Assoc Prof Stuart Turville from th...

Omicron variant does cause different symptoms from Delta, studie bevind

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People who have the Omicron Covid variant tend to have symptoms for a shorter period, a lower risk of being admitted to hospital and a different set of symptoms from those who have Delta, research has suggested. As th...

Covid lockdown extended for parts of Shanghai as city struggles to control Omicron

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Residents of eastern Shanghai who were hoping to emerge from a four-day Covid lockdown on Friday have been ordered to stay in their homes, with some facing another 10 days of isolation. The new rules for Pudong, the h...

Why is the UK seeing near-record Covid cases? We still believe the three big myths about Omicron

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We’re living in two realities: one in which people have returned to living life as if Covid is over, and the other in which we are approaching record levels of infections, with an estimated 4.26m cases last week. Most...

US likely to see Covid cases rise from Omicron subvariant, Fauci sê

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The US is likely to see an increase in Covid cases like that in Europe and the UK thanks to the BA.2 virus subvariant but not a dangerous surge, Anthony Fauci said on Sunday. Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser also sai...

New Covid case numbers across Australia rise by 37% in a week as Omicron subvariant takes hold

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The number of new Covid infections across Australia has risen by 37% binne `n week, linked to the more transmissible BA.2 subvariant of Omicron. Australia has recorded 295,146 new Covid-19 cases in the past week, surging ...

One-third of all US child Covid deaths occurred during Omicron surge

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As many as a third of all child deaths from Covid in the US have occurred during the Omicron surge of the pandemic. Children seem to be facing increasing risks from Covid-19 even as mask mandates drop across the count...

UK economy bounces back from Omicron as more people dine out

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Britain’s economy bounced back from the Omicron variant of coronavirus at a faster pace than expected during January, as consumers returned to eating and drinking out in pubs and restaurants. The Office for National S...

Covid live: Germany to begin rollout of Novavax’s jab; New Zealand to end vaccine mandates after Omicron peak

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Nuutste opdaterings: Germany hopes protein-based vaccine comparable to flu jabs will help sway people sceptical of mRNA vaccines

Retail sales rebound after Omicron disruption; NatWest returns to profit – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Hong Kong turns public housing into Covid quarantine facilities as it battles Omicron surge

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Hong Kong has turned newly built public housing and 10,000 hotel rooms into quarantine accommodation as authorities strive to control an Omicron outbreak that has overwhelmed the city. Recent days have seen record dai...

Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg, Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg

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Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg, Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg, Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg. Die top van Catbells - 'n val in die Lake District - is 'n kenmerkende bult wat na die lug beweeg, ons sal 'n ander c kies...

Omicron: what do we know about ‘stealth’ subvariant BA.2?

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The highly transmissible Omicron variant of the Sars-CoV-2 virus – the most common form of which is known as BA.1 – now accounts for nearly all of the coronavirus infections globally. Though Covid cases have already p...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdaterings: nation records at least 88 Covidsterftes; ‘son of Omicron’ strain circulates; Queensland reveals school plan

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Ten minste 88 Covid deaths recorded around the country as Kerry Chant says Omicron sub-variant is circulating in NSW; Queensland reveals back-to-school plan. Volg die nuutste opdaterings regstreeks

Confident, optimistic, anxious: New Zealand readers tell us how they feel about Omicron

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This week we asked Guardian New Zealand readers about the arrival of Omicron and how they are feeling and preparing. Hundreds of New Zealanders wrote in, about their hopes and anxieties, preparations and frustrations,...

Wallis gaan die meeste Covid-beperkings ophef nadat hulle die Omicron-piek verbygesteek het

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Baie meer Covid-beperkings word Vrydag in Wallis opgehef, toelaat dat nagklubs heropen en sommige reëls oor sosiale distansie moet geskrap word. Maar mense sal steeds verplig wees om maskers op die meeste binnenshuise plekke te dra ...

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