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From 12 aan 66: who are Tokyo’s youngest and oldest Olympians?

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The Olympics may be thought mostly to be the preserve of the young, but there are some sports where experience brings an advantage. The Australian equestrian Mary Hanna is 66 – the oldest competitor atTokyo, her sixth...

As our Olympians bring us together, so our politicians tear us apart

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I accept that the Olympic Games leave some people cold. There are those who don’t like sports at all. There are those who are scornful about some activities that now qualify as Olympic sports. Then there are those who...

‘Unacceptable’: men’s rugby sevens, football Olympians under investigation for behaviour on flight home

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Rugby Australia and Football Australia are investigating allegations of bad behaviour from their men’s Olympics sevens team and the Olyroos on their flight home from Tokyo. Australian Olympic Committee chief executive...

Living legends and young pretenders: Olympians expected to shine in Tokyo

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Biles is more than an athlete. She is one of the Olympic movement’s brightest stars of all time: a role model away from her sport and, inside the arena, a gymnast who consistently pushes the boundaries of what seems h...

Olympians should follow the Zatopek formula for peaking when it matters most

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At the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Emil Zatopek was almost the dictionary definition of peaking when it counted. He struck gold in the 5,000 en 10,000 meter, breaking the Olympic records en route to victory in b...