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Ouer, ongeënte mense moet reis vertraag, sê wie, soos Omicron-beperkings versprei het

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Die Wêreldgesondheidsorganisasie het gesê diegene wat nie ten volle ingeënt is nie en wat kwesbaar is vir Covid-19, insluitend ouer as 60's, moet reis na gebiede met gemeenskapsoordrag vertraag, namate meer lande randstene opgelê het om te bestry...

Older workers should be cherished

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This pandemic has a lot to answer for, but your article on the Resolution Foundation’s report on the economic fallout from Covid-19 (UK workforce shrinks after sharp rise in people choosing to leave work, 23 November)...

The Guardian view on the menopause: standing up for older women

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Thanks to the campaigning efforts of middle-aged women, the menopause is being talked about a great deal more than it used to be. It has even made it on to the sex education curriculum in English schools, where childr...

Mummy’s older than we thought: new find rewrites the history books

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The ancient Egyptians were carrying out sophisticated mummifications of their dead 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to new evidence which could lead to a rewriting of the history books. The prese...

Zimbabwe’s older people: the pandemic’s silent victims

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Lunch is Angelica Chibiku’s favourite time. At 12pm she sits on her neatly made bed waiting for her meal at the Society of the Destitute Aged (Soda) home for older people in Highfield, a township in south-west Harare....

Bob Mortimer: ‘I’m comfortable with getting older, but I try not to look in the mirror’

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I was quite a shy boy. Growing up in Middlesbrough, I felt a bit of an outsider. My three elder brothers are funny and boisterous and I was in awe of them. I felt like an appendage. It’s probably the curse of being a ...

FDA keur Pfizer Covid-19 versterkingsskote goed vir Amerikaners 65 en ouer

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Die Amerikaanse voedsel- en dwelmadministrasie het Woensdag 'n versterkingsdosis van die Pfizer- en BioNTech Covid-19-entstof vir daardie ouderdomme goedgekeur 65 en ouer en sommige Amerikaners met 'n hoë risiko, maak die weg oop vir 'n vinnige uitrol van die ....

Duitse partye is vaag oor pensioenplanne terwyl hulle die hof kies vir ouer kiesers

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Die opgeknapte tuin van die klubhuis vir pensioenarisse is besig met Peter Klotsche. 'Dit is die wasbere," hy sê. 'Hulle kom snags en gooi die aarde op soek na wurms, en ons weet regtig nie hoe om die beste te stop nie..

Social care plan will help just a tenth of UK’s older people in need

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Boris Johnson’s flagship plan to fix social care will benefit a fraction of the people who need help, the Observer can disclose, as charities and campaigners urge ministers to act now or see thousands being left witho...

Thanks to Real Housewives, I no longer dread getting older. Eerlik, it looks great

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In a now legendary Real Housewives of New York scene, then 49-year-old Luann de Lesseps is hungover and unapologetic. On a girls trip to Turks and Caicos, a wild night of partying has ended with a naked man asleep in ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Chili keur Sinovac goed vir kinders van ses en ouer; Viëtnam sit 'n man wat die kwarantyn oortree het, in die tronk

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Chili is die eerste land in Latyns -Amerika wat die Covid -entstof vir kinders van ses en ouer goedkeur; Viëtnam vonnis die man wat Covid aan minstens agt mense oorgedra het

Older Australians at back of queue for mRNA vaccines despite Atagi advice to give them choice

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Older Australians could have to wait months to get a choice of vaccines, despite the technical advisory group on immunisation (Atagi) calling on the government to consider making mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer available...

E10 fuel: Check before you fill up – it can damage older cars

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Oor 600,000 owners of older vehicles need to check whether a new E10 unleaded petrol will damage their engine as the fuel is rolled out across the UK as part of an attempt to cut carbon emissions. In the biggest cha...

Netflix to court older viewers as flow of young fans slows down

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Netflix is set to report the smallest growth in subscribers in a decade next week, as the flow of young fans who have fuelled its meteoric rise slows down, leading it to target tech-wary over-55s. The streaming giant ...

Older people need help to tackle depression

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Adrian Chiles is right that we don’t prioritise depression in older people (Let’s recognise that older people get depressed, too – and get them the help they need, 8 Julie). Oor die jare, I’ve worked a lot with peopl...

The more we see older women succeed, the more they will succeed

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Anne Robinson is, as she says herself, the oldest woman on television not judging cakes. But age has hardly mellowed her. Like the canny pro she is, the 76-year-old former Queen of Mean toned it down a bit for her som...

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