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Blood donation drive begins in memory of Richard Okorogheye

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A blood donation drive has begun in memory of a black teenager with sickle cell disorder who was found dead in Epping Forest. Evidence Joel, the mother of Richard Okorogheye, 19, whose body was found in Essex on 5 Apr ...

Mother of Richard Okorogheye joins appeal for black blood donors

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The mother of 19-year-old Richard Okorogheye, who was found dead weeks after being reported missing, is urging the black community to donate blood. Evidence Joel has joined black health organisations such as the Afric...

Met officers given misconduct notices over disappearance of Richard Okorogheye

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Two Metropolitan police officers have been given misconduct notices over potential failings in the disappearance of teenager Richard Okorogheye. The student, 19, went missing after leaving his home in Ladbroke Grove, ...

My heart’s been ripped apart, says mother of Richard Okorogheye

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The mother of Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her heart being “ripped apart” after the student’s body was found in a lake in Epping Forest, Essex.Evidence Joel, a community nurse, said she was “completely hollow and ...

Body found in Epping Forest identified as Richard Okorogheye

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Discovery by Essex police on Monday is confirmed to be 19-year-old student missing since 22 MarchA body found in a lake in Epping Forest has been formally identified as missing 19-year-old Richard Okorogheye, the Metr...

Mother of Richard Okorogheye speaks of her devastation

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The mother of the missing student Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her devastation after being told by police that a body found in Epping Forest matched her son’s description. Okorogheye, 19, has not been seen since l...

Police looking for London student Richard Okorogheye find body

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Police looking for missing west London student Richard Okorogheye said the body of a man has been found in a pond in Epping Forest, Essex. Enquiries are under way to identify the body. The family of the missing 19-yea...

Mother’s ‘nightmareover missing student Richard Okorogheye

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The mother of the missing student Richard Okorogheye has spoken of the “hell” of still waiting for news two weeks after he disappeared, with each passing day becoming harder to bear. Okorogheye, 19, who has sickle cel...

Richard Okorogheye: 'n beroep op hulp vind 'sukkel’ Londense student

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'N Londense moeder soek hulp om haar seun wat meer as 'n week vermis is, op te spoor. Student Richard Okorogheye, 19, wat sekelsel-siekte het, het gesê hy sukkel om die druk van die universiteit te hanteer en was ...