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Gone with the wind: why UK firms could miss out on the offshore boom

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At the foot of the disused Fawley power station on the Hampshire coast, giant wind turbine blades lie on the sand like the fins of some strange beached sea mammal. The site of what was once one of the UK’s most pollut...

UK plans offshore asylum centres in Pakistan and Turkey for Afghans

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Britain plans to establish offshore asylum centres for Afghan refugees in countries such as Pakistan and Turkey, as ministers admit that the UK will not be able to rescue those eligible for resettlement before troops ...

Shell and Scottish Power submit plans for floating offshore windfarms

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Royal Dutch Shell has joined forces with Scottish Power to develop the world’s first large-scale floating offshore windfarms in the north-east of Scotland. The energy companies have submitted multiple plans for a stri...

Priti Patel’s plan to ‘offshore’ asylum seekers is callous

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Priti Patel’s proposed legislation to send asylum seekers overseas while their claims or appeals are pending is ruthless (Verslag, 28 Junie). Daar is 41,700 asylum seekers or resettled persons in the UK. Many have bee...

‘Discussions are happening’ to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore regime in New Zealand

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New Zealand’s government is now in regular conversation with Australia about how to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore detention regime – a significant step towards a resolution, advocates say, eight years af...

Guyanese citizens challenge ExxonMobil offshore drilling on climate grounds

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Guyana’s government is being taken to court by two citizens seeking an end to offshore drilling by ExxonMobil and other large oil firms that will exacerbate the climate crisis. The case has been filed by Quadad de Fre...

New Zealand offer to resettle Australia’s offshore refugees still active as US deal nears end

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New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore immigration detention system remains on the table, and the imminent end of Australia’s long-running US refugee swap could bring it under more urgent c...

California could launch the west coast’s first commercial offshore windfarms

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California has taken a major step towards launching the first commercial offshore wind energy program on the west coast, a project that would open the state’s waters to hundreds of floating turbines and could eventual...

As UK considers offshore asylum plan, why Australia’s system was a dangerous failure

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Australia’s asylum processing centres on the islands of Manus and Nauru have been widely condemned for systemic abuses, and human rights violationsEight years and the equivalent of £5bn. Twelve deaths and thousands of...