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US taskforce defending election officials makes first arrest over alleged death threats

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A special justice department unit created to combat threats against election officials made its first arrest on Friday after a man allegedly posted threats online against Georgia election workers. Chad Stark, a 54-yea...

New York attorney general alleges Trump firm misled banks and tax officials

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The New York attorney general’s office has told a court that its investigators have uncovered evidence that the former US president Donald Trump’s company used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to get loans ...

US airline officials warn of ‘catastrophic’ crisis in aviation with new 5G service

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US airline chiefs have warned that the introduction of a new 5G service could cause US commerce to “grind to a halt” due to possibly grounding a significant number of aircraft and might “strand tens of thousands of Am...

Omicron so contagious most Americans will get Covid, top US health officials say

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Federal health authorities in America have said the Omicron Covid-19 variant is so contagious it is likely most people in the US will be infected, and compared the pandemic to a “natural disaster”. Authorities said e...

Requiring PCR tests for isolation funds may fail legal test, UK officials told

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Government lawyers have said any legal challenge against making low-paid people take confirmatory PCR tests to get financial support during isolation would stand a high chance of success, het die voog verneem. Leg...

China ontslaan hospitaalbeamptes nadat swanger vrou baba verloor weens Covid-toesluitreëls

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Chinese hospitaalbeamptes is afgedank nadat 'n swanger vrou haar baba verloor het nadat sy toegang tot 'n Xi'an-hospitaal geweier is weens koronavirus-toesluitbeperkings. Op die aand van 1 Januarie was 'n vrou in kraam ...

Colorado wildfire: officials investigate blaze that destroyed nearly 1,000 huise

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Investigators are trying to determine what sparked a massive fire in a suburban area near Denver that burned neighborhoods to the ground and destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and other buildings. Three people are missing. ...

Tieners en jong volwassenes wat bestuur, teken Covid-gevalle in die VSA aan, sê gesondheidsbeamptes

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Aangesien die VSA rekordgetalle daaglikse koronavirusgevalle sien wat deur die hoogs oordraagbare Omicron-variant aangedryf word, openbare gesondheidsowerhede landwyd het gesê dat tieners en jonger volwassenes help om hierdie ink..

French border officials in UK turn back British residents of other EU countries

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French border officials in the UK have turned back British nationals who are legally resident in other EU countries, saying they are no longer allowed to travel through France by road to reach their homes. Some Britis...

California officials close beaches after man dies in shark attack

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California authorities have closed some beaches in San Luis Obispo County after a 31-year-old man was pronounced dead following an encounter with a shark on Friday. The fatality marked the first death in a shark attac...

Libyan presidential vote will not go ahead on Friday, officials confirm

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A Libyan parliamentary committee has said it has become “impossible” to hold a long-awaited presidential vote on Friday as scheduled, in a blow to international efforts to end a decade of chaos in the oil-rich country...

Omicron is now dominant Covid-19 variant in US, sê amptenare

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Omicron is now the dominant version of the coronavirus in the US, federal health officials said on Monday, racing ahead of Delta and other variants and accounting for 73% of new infections last week. The Centers for D...

Tim Cook het glo vyfjaar-transaksie van $275 miljard met Chinese amptenare onderteken

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Tim Cook, die uitvoerende hoof van Apple, 'n ooreenkoms met Chinese amptenare onderteken, na raming sowat $275 miljard werd, om dreigemente te besweer wat sy toestelle en dienste in die land sou laat struikel, Die inligting ...

California officials determine cause of city’s ‘stench of death’

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Since early October, residents of Carson, Kalifornië, have been sickened by a noxious smell coming from the Dominguez Channel that has been likened to “a rotten egg” or “the stench of death”. Nou, officials have pinpo...

NSO Group-spioenware wat gebruik word om ten minste nege Amerikaanse amptenare se fone te kap – berig

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Die iPhones van ten minste nege amptenare van die Amerikaanse staatsdepartement is onlangs deur 'n regering gekap wat NSO Group-spioenware gebruik, volgens 'n nuwe verslag wat ernstige vrae laat ontstaan ​​het oor die gebruik van Israeliese toesig om ...

New Yorkse gesondheidsbeamptes rapporteer ten minste vyf gevalle van Omicron-variant

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Veelvuldige gevalle van die Omicron-koronavirus-variant is in New York opgespoor, Gesondheidsbeamptes het Donderdag gesê, insluitend 'n man wat einde November 'n anime-konvensie in Manhattan bygewoon het en positief getoets het vir ...

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